Roblox Rise of Nations: The Economics Guide - How to Have a Good Economy and Capture the World

If you want to capture the world in the civilian game Roblox, pay attention to Roblox Rise of Nations.

In this grandiose strategic game, you will choose a nation for management, and then manage its finances, military power and technological achievements, competing to quickly get experience and become the strongest nation on the planet. But for this, the most important thing is to balance books. Below we will give you a guide describing how to have a good economy in Roblox Rise of Nations.

How to get a good economy in Roblox Rise of Nations?

The key to a good economy in Roblox Rise of Nations is to maintain your income ahead of your costs. Almost everything in the game will cost you money, so the only way to expand effectively is to remain in short supply. Below we will consider each of the main sources of income and explain how you can best use them to provide yourself with a stable good economy.


Early Game: Trade with other countries can be very profitable.

The sale of electronics to the cities of AI will bring you the greatest profit, so build an electronics factory (two excellent) as fast as you can also research the factory. The metallurgical and motor bell plants can also be profitable when Electronics is launched and works. This should earn you what you need to start building the army is strong enough to challenge your neighbors.

from the beginning to the middle of the game: military reparations and puppets

If you defeat the country, and also capture up to 75 percent its treasury immediately, you can demand military reparations. This will be up to 25 percent of their income over a certain period of time, so this is a great way to regain the cost of your military excursions. In the same way, if you can make a puppet of the country, you can take up to 30 percent of their income as your own.

mid and end of the game: taxes and resources

Taxation comes from your citizens, so an increase in your population will lead to more income. Balance Development of your cities while maintaining high stability percentage and go with any liberalism or democracy and high laws on taxation and politics, if you want to get good taxes from taxes. You must also study tax collection to the fifth level as early as possible and pay attention to national modifiers, such as a national monument that increase the performance of workers. The more resources you can generate, the more you will get profit from them. If you want to increase your income from resources, you can build mines and factories of the research field, such as strong equipment and geological survey. To get higher profits, strive to build factories in their capital as early as possible. Looking for more about Roblox games in a civilian style? Learn about the best vehicles in Roblox Military Tycoon and how to easily capture fortresses in Roblox Military Tycoon, here in Pro Game Guides!


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