Olympic Champion Denise Herrmann-Wick Wins Gold in 7.5km Sprint at Home Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof

It is a brand-new day, everything has to fit, Denise Herrmann-Wick had described before the sprint at the home World Cup with a view to her preferred function. And everything fit. The 34-year-old provided the German biathlon team the first individual medal-and that with gold. Herrmann-Wick appeared at the very first shooting from her best side, worked concentrated by disc for disc and set a new record. The German likewise stayed on course at the standing stop, cleared all 5 slices again and at first took the lead.

I was totally excited, I didn't get down from the pulse.

Denise Herrmann-Wick Only Hanna Berg from Sweden, who was also perfect, might maintain and took the lead with nearly ten seconds after the 2nd shooting. In the path, however, Berg lost versus Herrmann-Wick and was in second place at the surface line for 2.2 seconds behind the DSV biathlete. Line Person (+26.2/ 0) still captured Mate Olsen Roseland (+31.3/ 1) from Norway and protected Sweden another medal.

Schneider shocked and pleased with Miami.

From a German viewpoint, Sophia Schneider shocked with a location under the leading ten. The young Teisendorfer pushed herself to seventh place with a shooting error. Schneider stated about the winner Herrmann-Wick: She is the mommy with us in a team and when the mommy gets gold, we are all pleased.. For single Olympic champ Herrmann-Wick, after gold, it was the 2nd World Cup title of her profession in 2019 and the very first German sprint title because Magdalena Neuter, who had won at the 2012 World Cup in Upholding. I was totally delighted, I didn't come down from the pulse. I couldn't explain that I can summon a race in the snow like this at the home World Cup. You hardly attempt to dream that something like this can take place here, she stated. The fact that I can experience this today is even more beautiful, with friends and family on the edge of the path, that's unbelievable..

females, 7.5 km sprint, result:.

1. Denise Herrmann-Wick (Oberwiesenthal) 21: 19.7 min./ 0 Chief.;. 2. Hanna Berg (Sweden) +2.2 seconds/0;. 3. Line Person (Sweden) +26.2/ 0;. 4. Mate Olsen Roseland (Norway) +31.3/ 1;. 5. Lisa Vittozzi (Italy) +45.8/ 1;. 6. Market David ova (Czech Republic) +50.5/ 0;. 7. Sophia Schneider (Bettendorf) +57.6/ 1;. 8. Pomona Clemency (Slovenia) +58.1/ 0;. 9. Anna Mansion (Sweden) +58.8/ 0;. Julia Simon (France) +1: 02.8 Min./ 2;... 17. Hanna Singer (Garmisch-Partenkirchen) +1: 15.9/ 1;. 23. Janina Hettich-Walz (McDonald in the Black Forest) +1: 33.1/ 1;. 41. Vanessa Vogt (Rotter ode) +2: 05.7/ 2.


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