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Experience Star Wars Jedi: Survivor with This Incredible 10-Minute Gameplay Video!

Star Wars players and fans recently had to hear the frustrating news that respawn the publication of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on the 28.

April moved. At the exact same time, however, a growing number of details snacks and images are made hot for the successor to Jedi: falling order in which we can as soon as again play the Jedi Cal Testis (Cameron Jonathan), who has had to hide from the empire because order 66. Now IGN has actually launched a practically ten-minute video that supplies insights into the gameplay and shows one of the first places of the video game.

a brand-new planet, loaded with old associates

Early in the game, Cal hairs on a world named Robot, which is freshly presented to the Star Wars universe here. As you know it from the very first game, he has to explore the area there, solve smaller puzzles and defend himself versus enemies. The latter consists of not only the local animals on the planet, but likewise the battle androids understood from the Star Wars prequels! With the lightsaber they are naturally slightly out of action; In addition, you can see in the video how Cal utilizes its power ability to simply press them off the cliff.


In Jedi: Survivor (purchase now EUR 79.99), Cal has two light swords that can be utilized separately or with each other as a double light sword. The change in between these two types of battling is fluid of how you can see several times in the video. Cal's loyal buddy, the little Droid BD-1, is again at his side (or on his shoulder). As usual, Cal sprints through the surroundings, jumps over abysses or runs along rock walls. The location on Robot is very climatic in the game. Rocks, greenery and structures shine at night sun, while the animations of Cal and the various animals understand how to please. In addition, the exclamation of the battle droids put you back into good old clone wars times. In any case, the anticipation of the video game increases through this video! Source: IGN To web page Share Remarks 2 in Twitter Share Article


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