Explore the New Subculture with Hanbitsoft's 'Soul Tide' – Naver Game Lounge


Hanbitsoft has released information on the new subculture game 'Soul Tide', which is scheduled to be released in the first half of the year, to the official community Never Game Lounge, and actively communicate with users.

The official community has now released a guide to the Soul tide Worldview and the Dalian Soul tide Worldview Guide: Dolls / Tidal Continent. Users can identify the approximate background, such as the birth of the Tidal continent and the puppet company, the main stage of Soul tide.

Earlier, Soul tide opened an official community at the end of last month and appointed the operator GM Sierra and GM Dalian and began to communicate with users. The official name of the user was set as 'Doll Man'.

The management will continue to communicate through the official community while delivering various contents to users such as terminology, worldview guidance, regional description, and major character guidance before the official launch.

Soul tide is an attractive story where the protagonist has a relationship with other world 'dolls' and confronts the witch, a character animation implemented in Live 2D, a strategic play through manual manipulation-based labyrinth exploration, and convenience optimized for mobile, etc. This is a characteristic game.

An official of Hanbitsoft said, We will continue to actively communicate with the appreciation of the users who are looking forward to the launch of Soul Tide.


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