2022 Game Scom: Experience Why Medieval Graffiti Game 'Inkulinati' Won Best Indie Award

There was a game that caught the eye at the 2022 Game Com. The main character is GAZA GAMES's 'Illuminati', which won the best indie game award and the best original IP award.

After a long game, I think about what a game is, Oh, this is a game that's like this. If you have enjoyed a variety of games, I would have experienced a similar experience.

Yingkulinati showed a unique concept that he couldn't figure out what the game was playing. It's a game of a turn-based strategy genre, so it seems like you're fighting on each other, but the atmosphere of the overall game seems to say, I'm not such an obvious game.

I can wait for the steam steaming list and wait for the unbearable question. On February 1, it was released earlier, so you can finally play the game. I enjoyed the game with the expectation of how original and fun it would have been, so I would have achieved two crowns through a lot of indie games.

Yingkulinati is a manuscript-style ink strategy game. The player leaves his journey as a member of the legendary group 'Intricate' who fights with pictures on the manuscript page. The main story of the campaign is to fight the world's strongest intricate to save the dead teacher or to tame a lot of ink beasts to build the strongest corps.

The developer was inspired by the graffiti found in the actual medieval book. The game design, which actively reflects this concept, has a great influence on the game system as well as graffiti graphics. It has established an original turn-based strategy system according to their concept.

Is it because it started with graffiti close to a kind of 'memes'? The game contained plenty of B-class sensibility. A teacher who was a close friend, a close friend, said that he would die by mistake, or mock the other person in the dialogue options. The best part is to press the opponent's ink with a finger or to hit it with a fist. There is an admiration of how to do this idea.

Gameplay is not simple and profound, but that's not too complicated. It feels like a 7: 3 golden element with a familiar turn-based strategy.

The basic map progress is the same as the log ite. If you choose the area you want from the maps that are woven in the stem, you will be rewarded for the appropriate event. In one map, there are event areas that can be rewarded, such as battle areas that fight the beasts, shops, and churches, and intricate corresponding to the boss. In other words, it is a familiar way to select the route that is as good as possible before catching the boss, to raise my deck and fight the boss.

The battle map is divided into general and elite difficulty, and if you win the elite, you can get more gold and prestige. Instead, the difficulty is quite high, so it's best to avoid it if you're not confident. However, this game is not a game that is divided into simple combat power, so if you are confident in your strategy, you can go to the elite.

Event areas are mostly obtained instead of consuming resources. For example, shops can buy gold coins to buy beasts and hand behaviors, and increase the amount of ink used as costs in the record room. The interesting thing is that there is a prestige of a concept similar to a reputation.

ISIN can be extended in various ways during gameplay. As mentioned earlier, you can win by winning the battle, or you can increase your prestige by choosing other options in addition to normal methods in the event area.

This gained prestige can be picked up a variety of options in the event area or starting with a better deck. For example, if you have a high prestige, you can threaten to get a better product by threatening instead of shaving your prestige at the store.

This method of choosing another choice from an option as a specific resource can be found in other log ite games. However, Yingkulinati wanted to have fun in the map that can be simply to flow by making it helpful right now or as another resource to look at later and increase the choice of options.

Inclination's battle is armed with fresh fun that can't be easily experienced in other turn-based strategy games. The basic rules are quite similar to chess. The manuscript page, which is a battlefield, has a small intricate that represents the player. You can think of it as the same position as the king on the chess.

In other words, the game is over when the ultra-small intricate dies. Therefore, all strategies should be considered to keep my ultra-compact intricate rather than attack.

The battle is like a chess, and once I move once, the next enemy moves a turn-based turn. You can move by selecting the character you want, but once you move, you can't move until the end of the action of all the characters unless you use a special skill, and until the end of the turn.


The ultra-small intricate has no direct attack and movement, but instead can summon the beast to fight or use the skill of the skill concept. When you first start the game, you can choose three beasts, three hand actions, and one talent.

In the game, there are various beasts such as rabbits, dogs, foxes, donkeys, cats, and goats, and weird creatures that are out of common sense with long hands or heads.

These beasts had different abilities depending on the races and the weapons they were holding, so they had to fight with their ability. There are many types than you think, and there are many unique abilities, so you can feel as if you are solving the puzzle.

To summon the beast, you need a cost called Ink, and you can get it a little each time you exit the turn or get it on the ink that falls on the field. The more powerful the beast requires more ink, and every time you summon the same beast repeatedly, there is a boredom that increases the ink required for the summoning of the beast in the next battle.

Hand behavior is a skill that can be used for ultra-small intricate turn. There is no separate cost of use, but there is a cooldown depending on the ability. In the desired direction, there are various skills such as moving 1 space, direct avoidance, beast healing and blessing, and up to four hand behaviors are used in the deck.

When the battle begins, summon the beast to protect me using the ink on the ultra-small intricate turn. After that, you can set up a suitable strategy depending on the battlefield situation.

In particular, the method of pushing and falling from the cliff is an efficient way to get rid of the enemy at once. For this reason, if AI can be pushed, it is necessary to push me somehow and try to kill me somehow.

It felt more difficult than I thought when I first played the game. This is because it is an unfamiliar game. Fortunately, the content of the Academy is very easy to learn most of the strategies used in the game. It is quite detailed, so even if you learn the basic things here, there was no big problem in enjoying the game.

From the moment I started getting used to the game, the flow of battle began to see. At this time, I was fighting with my head like a puzzle, and I felt pleasant when the strategy I envisioned was eaten. Is it like this when you succeeded in checkmate after a detailed fight with your opponent in chess? The victory feels sweeter thanks to AI, which has a high level of strategy in general difficulty.

Due to the nature of the strategic game, which is complicated and should be used a lot, it is easy to be tired of playing games for a long time. The fact that the game can be loose as the play time becomes longer is one of the common disadvantages of this genre.

Inclination also had a lot of parts to calculate, so the complex game was correct, but it didn't feel bored than I thought. This may be varied depending on the tendency of gamers, but I think it was because of the end-of-end system that restricts the unique concept of the game and the strategy of play.

As mentioned earlier, the game was heavily armed with several factors that stimulated B-class sensitivity. When you summon the beast, the character's hand comes out and draws like graffiti. Hand behaviors also take their fingers to stab or rub them.

The end system is like a lubricant that prevents the battles from being dragged and adds the urgency of the battle. After a few turns, the flames of death soar at the end of the map. On the contrary, you can use this to get rid of your opponent, so it can be used as a strategic factor depending on your use.

Inclination, which combines the fresh concept and gameplay that supports it, is the more you think you will receive the best indie game award at various game shows. Even though it's ahead, gameplay, which already shows high completeness, is enough to expect the official launch.

Gaza Games plans to introduce a formal version of multiplayer and various beasts, masters, battlefields and other contents. If you want to play a novel strategy game, don't hesitate to try Yingkulinati.


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