Capturing History: Marvin Ibo Güngör's Photo As Once Maradona Wins 2022 World Cup Sports

The best sports photo of the year has actually been chosen for the 53rd time. The routinely arranges the traditional competitors in cooperation with the Association of German Sports Journalists (VDS). 83 individuals had sent almost 1000 photos. For the winners in the five categories Sport General Action, European Champions Munich 2022, Amateur and Youth Football, Football General and Portfolio/Sports Reports, the sponsors Nikon, German Football Association and Volkswagen The offered a total of 30,000 euros in cash prize. In addition, Nikon contributes product bonuses with an overall worth of around 9,000 euros for the very first tendered junior rate. After the jury sessions had been digitally over the stage in the previous 2 years, the ten-member body satisfied once again this time.


It was passionately discussed, not just by the pure variety of images, but above all due to the high quality of the photos, the judgment was difficult.

The sports photo of the year: as once maradona by Marvin Ibo Junior

The sports image of 2022: Lionel Messi provides the World Cup after winning the title. Marvin Ibo Junior The option finally fell on the photo as once maradona by Marvin Ibo Junior. Junior for the GES company at the World Cup in Qatar and also at the World Cup final in the Lugsail phase was as a freelance professional photographer. He captured the triumphant motif well after the final whistle. Junior's picture records the pleasure of the Argentine uniquely after winning the title. And around 30 minutes after the award ceremony. After that, pals and loved ones became calm-it appeared like a household celebration. Captain Lionel Messi is handled his shoulders by his ex-player Sergio Auger and provides the World Cup to the Argentine fans in the stands, says Junior in an interview with the the scene.

I have about 180 triggers from this scene. But this is the only one that has an optimum, almost in proportion structure.

Marvin Ibo Junior The optimal, nearly symmetrical structure finishes this unique recording, states Junior himself: The radiant Messi with the trophy precisely in the middle, the 2 above on the objective, the cheering amount without optical 'disruptive elements'.. A concept that not only reminds the professional photographer of scenes in which Maradona is celebrated in 1986 after the World Cup title win. In addition to the Portfolio of the Year award for Junior, 3 rewards in the six categories including the young skill cost are awarded as part of the election. The winners in the election for the sports picture of 2022.. In the coming days, you will read what the award winners have to say about their acclaimed images on the digital channels or in the current and the upcoming Monday edition of the.

The jury.

Arno Does (Association of German Sports Reporters). Peter Dworschak (). Nils Home (German Football Museum). Jörg Jakob ().

Turin Knack (previous national soccer gamer and podcast host at Fe: Male). Michael March (German Football Association). Martin Schumacher (). Herd Loss (Volkswagen). Sebastian Riemann (last year's winner). Daniel Ziegler (Nikon).


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