Viewfinder: the next reflection game based on perception.

simulation games have been around for more than a century, but in recent years the genre has seen a remarkable and innovative expansion.


From The Unfinished Swan to Version via Superficial and also Gorgon, the concepts based upon perception appear to create a full-fledged sub-genre in the family members of thinking games. As well as the youngest presents quite debates, to the point of having hit the eye of the editor Thunderous Games. Created in Scotland by the young group of depressing owl studios in enhancement to the extremely first video game, Viewfinder is a game of reflection in the initial person whose sign is to use assumption to reshape truth at the Assistance of an instant camera. The concept of the video game is to give life to the images, paints, illustrations, screenshots as well as other posters by integrating them right into the globe to create all type of flows in a smart way, as illustrated by this trailer. The video game is also not scared to juggle in between different artistic styles, certain flows summoning oil painting or perhaps the Pixel Art. These various worlds will be connected around a narrative framework that will allow us to understand the keys of this world throughout expedition. Viewfinder is revealed for 2023 on PlayStation 5 as well as PC.


Viewfinder-Bande-Annonce Video Game Awards 2022


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