Rumors: The Last of Us Part III Is Already In Production

The Last of Us is one of PlayStation's most acclaimed series. In this way, many hopes that a third installment, eventually, will reach our hands.


Although Naughty Dog has not revealed something official, a new rumor not only points out that this title will be a reality, but is already in production. According to Viewer anon, insider of the industry, Neil Luckmann is already working on The Last of Us Part III, where he will be in charge of the address once again. Along with this, it has been mentioned that this title is already in production, but it would arrive several years after Facing, the multiplayer of the series. Unfortunately, for the moment there are no more details about it, and it is unknown if the story will focus once again on Ellie and Abby. Recall that a long time ago, Luckmann mentioned that he was already working on a script for The Last of Us III, but did not confirm the production of this title. We can only expect, and see what will happen to this series in the future. In related issues, artificial intelligence creates the story of The Last of Us Part III. Similarly, there is already a release date for The Last of Us Part I on PC. Editor's note: Considering that The Last of Us and its sequel will arrive on the market in the last year of support for their respective consoles, the possibility that this happens once more, and The Last of Us Part III is available until the last year of the last year of the PS5.


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