Pokémon Karmesin & purple: Receive escape armor & glory armor

In this guide to Pokémon Parmesan and Purpura you will find out: For what you need the escape armor and Gloria for How you get the two armor What Fatalities and Bronze splinters are Now extended the subscription to Nintendo Switch online!

escape armor: develop creak to Aug ladies

The escape armor is the prerequisite for developing a creak into a plug-in lady. Azugladis is a Pokémon of the fire/spirit type and has the ability fire catcher. It can also use the attack Reassert. Important: You can only develop Aug ladies in Pokémon Purpura.

how do I get the curse armor?

You get the escape armor by exchanging 10 Fatalities splinters with a woman in front of the fountain in Pinchores-West. You will get the splinters when you defeat the Pokémon Fatalities.

Furthermore, you can find this south of the city of Amarillo, in which you can get the psycho-order.

Gloria armor: develop creak to criminal

Like the escape armor, the glory armor is an item that you can use to develop creak. As soon as you give the Pokémon the item, it develops into criminal, the counterpart to Azugladis. Criminal is a fire/psycho type and also has the ability fire catcher. It can also use the armor cannon attack.


Important: You only get criminal in Pokémon Parmesan.

how do I get the global armor?

You get the glory armor similar to the curse armor. You have to collect 10 bronze splinters that you get from the Pokémon Bronze. Bronze is the easiest in the Brutal desert north of Tarragona City. Stop in the south of the desert for Bronze. If you have collected 10 splinters, you set off after Pin chores. In the east of the city you will find a male NPC in front of a fountain, which gives you the glorious armor in exchange against the bronze splinters.

Find and catch the creak

You can find the Pokémon Carbon mostly in the south of Pale. However, since it is very rare, you probably need some time to find a creak. The fight against creaking is not difficult, you shouldn't have any problems catching it. As soon as you have it in your pocket, you can open up to the curse or. Gloria armor. More guides about Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura: Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura: List with all Pokémon Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura: Arena order-this is how the arbiter defeats you Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura: Evil catch and develop-that's how it works Visit us on Facebook and Instagram and discuss your favorite games with us!


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