New anime in Crunchyroll: Spy X Family and Dr. Stone


Crunchyroll's commitment to the Spanish will be reinforced in 2023. This h been announced by the platform during his panel in the Barcelona manga hall, where he h confirmed that he will continue to invest in more series with voices in Spanish. The next products to arrive completely located will be available in the service in early 2023. Spy X Family and Dr. Stone are among the chosen series: Spy X Family Dr. Stone Link click Mob Psycho 100

All series that arrive folded to Spanish

Spy X Family seon 2 transports us to a world whose peace depends on the twilight secret agent. He must pretend to be a family man to infiltrate a very exclusive school in order to approach a relevant politician. Everything would be simpler if his wife w not a ruthless murderer... and also neither knows their respective real identities (except his adoptive daughter, which is telepath). Dr. Stone's first seon is starring Sent, a young man who h a gift for science. His best friend Tail, on the other hand, h little peso, but at let he is a good person. Unfortunately, humanity ends up converted into stone, although both manage to wake up thousands of years later. Without humans to interact, their mission is to rescue people who remain petrified if they were statues. Link Clink (Seon 1) summons us to the temporal photographic study, where Cheng Hiroshi and Lu Gang accept requests of all kinds of customers who seek their help to get rid of regrets and regrets. Through a simple photo, Cheng Hiroshi can travel in time until the moment the image w taken. Lu, on the other hand, helps to relive the photographer's experiences. In Mob Psycho 100 (Seon 1), the protagonist known Mod is a guy who h a hard time expressing himself, but hiding a secret: he is a powerful waiting.

Despite this, you want to live a normal life and hide your powers. It does not take into account that when your emotions reach 100% madness is unlehed around. Crunchyroll is an anime platform that is available in Spain.


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