HSV: Positive B-Sample Underpins Vuskovics Doping

The German Football Association (DFB) has announced on Thursday that the analysis of the B test in Miro Djokovic from the second division Hamburger SV confirmed the positive result of the A sample.

In the believed football expert Mario Djokovic from the second division Hamburger SV, the analysis of the B test has confirmed the favorable outcome of the A-sample. This was revealed by the German Football Association on Thursday. Because of this, it is now assumed that there is a violation of relevant anti-doping regulations.

The further procedure on possible sanctions is now performed by the s jurisdiction of the DFB, it stated. Due to the now analysis outcome, the B-sample presumes that there is an offense of suitable anti-doping policies, it states. Now the DFB s court has to choose on possible sanctions.


In close coordination with his gamer and in exchange with the DFB, the HSV will now take a look at and determine the next actions, the HSV composed on its homepage. In mid-November, the DFB s court Djokovic had temporarily obstructed with instant impact after the U21 international Croatia was figured out as part of a training control performed by the NASA on September 16. Djokovic had always asserted his innocence.


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