Henry Cavill Won't Return Superman, But Gunn Doesn't Rule Out Again Having Him

The news that Henry Cavill would take the Superman layer again w received with enthusim from DC fans. However, the movements in Water Bros. Discovery have culminated in the hiring of James Gun and Peter Saran, who will have the complicated tk of building a new film universe. After confirming that Wonder Woman 3 h been canceled, the changes have also arrived in Superman: Cavils h reported on Instagram that he will not finally interpret the man of steel again, which also implies that Man of Steel 2 will not be shot either. Even so, Gun h sured that they have explored possible ways to work again with Cavils. I just had a meeting with James Gun and Peter Saran and I have bad news. After all, I will not return Superman, said Cavils. All this even though the study told him that he could announce his return lt October. The actor h recognized that this news h not been ey, but recalled that sometimes life is like that. The change of guard occurs sometimes. I respect him. James and Peter have a universe to build, I wish them and all those involved in the new universe the best of luck and the happiest of fortunes. Cavils h directed directly to his followers and h transmitted to them that what Superman is still going on. My moment of carrying the layer h concluded, but what Superman defends will never. It h been a fun trip with all of you.

The next Superman movie will narrate the character's youth

The confirmation that Henry Cavill will not surround the heavens with his red and blue suit h been accompanied by a message from James Gun himself. According to the new chorosponsable of the DC cinematographic universe, the next film is already underway, but they need a younger actor than Cavils because he will narrate the beginnings of the character a superhero.

Even so, it does not close the doors to collaborate with him again in the future.


Among the [products] that are in Pizarro is Superman, still in the initial phes of its development. Our history will focus on the beginnings of Superman's life, so that the character will not be played by Henry Cavill. Anyway, we have held a great meeting with Henry, we are very fans, and we have talked about a good number of possibilities of working together in the future. Gun had already recently declared that the man of steel is a priority in his strategy.


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