5 Nintendo Switch Games That Look Gorgeous

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that you can use both in your house and on the go. It has a lot of exclusive titles as well, like Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, but these games stood out to us in particular because of their incredible style and colors.

Sociopath Traveler is really on this list for a whole series of games that are designed in HD-2D style (a mixture of HD textures and pixel graphics). The art style is so attractive due to the fact that it integrates old school sensation with contemporary accents and can hence get fond memories and new playing. In addition, the areas in Sociopath Tourist are so creative that we like to be abducted to the world on a longer detour. No matter whether it is a deep forest or a cozy town, the landscapes are truly diverse and offer a lot for the eye. In this JRPG, by the method, we experience eight stories and battles that tactically need.

On one side of the table of contents Continues with Gamester Plus Table of Contents 1 intro Zelda: Link's Awakening (remake). Luigi's Mansion 3. Enfilade Chronicles 3. Mario Odyssey. Hades. Sociopath Tourist. 2. ORI and the will of the whips. What Remains of Edith Finch. Hollow Knight. Gris. Night in the Woods. Children of Mortal. Alien isolation. Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura has disappointed numerous fans in terms of appearance. The open game world, which is shown in 3D graphics, appears empty and texture and detailed. On the other hand, there are many titles on the Nintendo Switch that appearance gorgeous. We want to present a few of them to you here. These are not necessarily graphics crackers, however in many cases about titles that fully mesmerized us with their design. Here we present you to 13 games where we can not see ourselves. By the way, we are not limited to special titles.

Zelda: Link's Awakening (remake).

  • Publication (Change): 2019.
  • Category: Action Adventure. Zelda's remake: Link's Awakening is a truly great example of a successful brand-new edition that brings a 2D timeless to the 3rd measurement. The design that was chosen for this is actually charming and fits the appeal of the original that has actually been released for the Video game Young boy. While the optics have been restored, most of it remains the very same. If you, by the way, misses Zelda: Breath of the Wild in this list, it needs to be stated: Naturally, the most recent franchise branch is a really quite open world title, but our option nonetheless fell on Link's Awakening, which we merely still stylistically. A little better.

Luigi's Estate 3.

  • Publication (Switch): 2019.
  • Category: Action Adventure.


Luigi's Mansion 3 develops best relaxing creep for the Switch. The unique title takes us into a haunted male, which we wish to explore ourselves. We leave the colorful happy Mario Surface and experience an extremely own look, with traditional creepy house elements, like inexplicably glittering spirits and climatic lighting. Still there is a lot of cute, such as the ghost canine. The sweet and soft graphic style develops an ideal mix of relaxing and extraordinary. In addition, the facial expressions and gesture of the scared protagonist is simply actually well struck. Both fighting and puzzles await you in a playful method the adventure with Mario's sibling.

Enfilade Chronicles 3.

  • Publication (Switch): 2022.
  • Genre: action role-playing video game. Enfilade Chronicles 3 programs impressively how lovely and graphically high quality an open world can look on the switch: remarkably broad mountain panoramas, a waterfall that pours into a river, levels from desert-like to tree-rich. The game can likewise come up with a variety of overblown cutscenes. The action RPG puts us in a war-torn future world and uses tactically requiring fights. Do you wish to discover more? Here is our test.

Mario Odyssey.

  • Publication (Change): 2017.
  • Genre: Dive & Run. Super Mario Odyssey is just a squeaky-colored excellent mood video game, and we just like to see in a pretty 3D design. In the world that crosses Mario on his adventure, the attention to information shows itself at all corners and ends. The animations are also impressive and make sure that the plumber looks actually expressive in this offshoot.


  • Publication (Change): 2020.
  • Category: Action-RPG. Hades selects a totally different style than the games pointed out up until now on this list. The title relies on comic appearance. Nevertheless, the Greek underworld, through which we SN saying from the isometric point of view, is climatic and incredibly comprehensive. The characters we satisfy on this journey likewise look truly striking. Hades is a particularly motivating rogue lite that ought to not only look at genre fans. It convinces with a captivating story and differed fights. A 2nd part was announced at the Video game Awards:. 10 3. More on the topic. Surprise: Hades, among the very best action RPGs Ever gets sequel.

Sociopath Tourist.

  • Publication (Switch): 2018.
  • Category: role play.


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