10 Shows Like the White Lotus

The White Lotus seems to have conquered the world of television, since its popularity has shot from the first season to the next. The popularity of the program comes from the many characters who drop into a specific environment, and spectators love the opportunity to see what each person is planning and hiding. Fortunately, there are several other programs that offer the same type of entertainment with their own touch. Here are 10 shows like The White Lotus that fans should make sure to see.

Only murders in the building (2021-now)

Image source: Disney platform distribution Only Murders in the Building follows three characters interested in podcasts of real crimes that are involved in a mystery of real murder. Their attempts to find the true culprits make them suspect and objectives of the villains who want to silence them. Despite his dark premise, Only Murders in the Building deviates a lot towards comedy, which will like The White Lotus fans, since the last series also gets involved in this regard. Also in the line of The White Lotus, Only Murders in the Building presents secondary characters with cunning personalities, since the series makes everyone possible.

Survivor Season 37: David against Goliath (2018)

Image Source: CBS Media Ventures Survivor Season 37: David vs. Goliath is part of the long-term reality series in which contestants drop into isolated places, trusting resistance challenges and teamwork to achieve it. David against Goliath has a turn in which the groups separate according to the Davids, which are the helpless, and the Goliath, who have great performance and have greater physical gifts. Like The White Lotus, Survivor: David vs. Goliath focuses on social division, which is what fans of the series will like. It can be seen as a real-life version of how the characters of The White Lotus would behave if they were in such scenarios. Interestingly, the creator of the program, Mike White, was runner-up in David vs. competition. Goliath season, and there are many parallels between here and The White Lotus.

Male sisters (2022-now)

Image Source: Apple TV+ Bad Sisters is a black comedy thriller about five sisters who are being investigated for the death of one of their husbands. The program changes between the present and the past to fill the gaps in history, which leads to reveal whether his initial plan to kill man really worked or if he died for other circumstances. The morally gray characters of Bad Sisters are similar to those of The White Lotus, since their secrets and bad intentions reach a critical point of gray shapes. Of course, the series uses humor as a way of making each episode fun to see, which is another aspect that Bad Sisters has in common with The White Lotus.

nine perfect strange (2021)

Image Source: Fifth season Nine Perfect Strangers is a mystery drama about the main characters that come to a retreat, just to be trapped in a place where the founder plans to play with their lives. The story twists the narrative later to show the real reasons why the characters are there. Nine Perfect Strangers has many aspects in common with The White Lotus, such as the contour of strangers in a vacation environment, along with the different personalities of each character that hide vital information. Nine Perfect Strangers has a relatively slow pace initially before the climax resumes things for an interesting conclusion.

Little big lies (2017-2019)

Image Source: Warner Bros. television distribution Big Little Lies is a mystery of dramatic murder about high-class women whose mundane lives are affected when they are involved in a murder investigation.

The program launches several curved balls to hide the real problem, with a track that leads to another. White Lotus fans will find attractive the mysterious element in Big Little Lies, since there are several characters present with their own intentions. The program has a relatively suffocating atmosphere, which contributes to the sensation of paranoia that surrounds all these personalities.

enlightened (2011-2013)

Image Source: RIP Cord Productions Enlightened is a dramatic comedy about a woman who has a nervous attack in her executive job. After this event, he obtains a new clarity and strives to change his forms, but discovers that this is a big problem since his lifestyle implies having to constantly deceive people.

Illuminated can focus on a character, but she has an overall sensation since the protagonist has to deal with so many people affected by the change in their forms. This places this in the line of The White Lotus, since both programs have characters that react hard to how they affect decisions, and penlight adopts a more dramatic approach.

The flight wizard (2020-2022)

Image Source: Warner Bros. Discovery Global Streaming and Interactive Entertainment While the Big Bang Theory fans will always meet Gala Cuzco as Penny, the actress has done it well by expanding her work.


Cuzco stars the main role in The Flight Attendant, who sees the protagonist framed in a murder he did not commit, but he cannot remember the events that caught her in this enigma. The mixture of humor and suspense of The Flight Attendant remembers The White Lotus, although this series is cheerful in comparison. But both programs make viewers guess until the final episodes of the season, which guarantees that fans do not lose interest at any time.

Fleischman is in trouble (2022)

Image source: Disney platform distribution Fleischman is in Trouble is a dramatic series about the main character that discovers that it is a good game even at 40 when appointments applications give excellent results. However, Fleischman also has to deal with the disappearance of his ex-wife and have to take care of his children. Fleischman is in trouble is much more sedated than The White Lotus, although he shares the inclination of the latter from the deep characters that do not confront their problems until they begin to look at their face. The program reveals the reasons behind the departure of his ex-wife gradually, this scheme being quite similar to how The White Lotus works.

The spa (2022)

Image Source: NBCUniversal Syndication Studios The Resort is a black comedy focused on a married vacation couple that gets involved in the investigation of missing tourists 15 years ago. The series has a surprisingly cheerful tone despite its general premise, which makes it a good clock for exciting and fun entertainment. White Lotus fans will like Sabina's environment and the humor approach that The Resort adopts, since the series can be seen as a less complicated version in history. The resort is helped by the solid performances of the protagonists, who manage to maintain a light tone at all times.

Succession (2018-now)

Image Source: Warner Bros. television distribution Succession is a satirical drama that focuses on the brothers of the Roy family who seek to happen to their father as owners of their conglomerate. The trends of the characters to take shortcuts and look for ways to overcome each other are the main aspects of a story about greed and corruption. White Lotus fans will adopt the Succession as a whole, while the doubtful intentions and moralities of the main cast will also be relatives. The program has a multifaceted quality, since here you can also find elements of tragedy, pure comedy and family drama. That is done by our selections for the best programs such as the white lotus. Be sure to search to get more content related to entertainment, including our opinion on the 10 best programs such as National Treasure: Edge of History. Related Posts Who died at the end of White Lotus season? Answered 5 questions we have before the end of White Lotus season 2 What is Will Sharpe's ethnic origin in season 2 of The White Lotus? What is the ethnic origin of Aubrey Plaza in The White Lotus? Answered Is Sydney Sweeney in season 2 of The White Lotus? Answered


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