World Cup 2022: Richarlison has Goku tattoo, keys and more pop culture icons


On the afternoon of last Thursday (24), the player Richardson, responsible for the two goals they gave to the azilian team the victory of the World Cup debut.

In addition to being the highlight of the day on the field, the player also caught the attention of netizens for their cartoon tattoos scattered along his left arm.

Among them, it is possible to identify characters such as Donald Duck, Roku, Chaves, Popeye and names of Looney Tunes, such as Bun pawl, Coyote and Tax.

With practically the entire arm closed with designs symbolism that he probably watched in his childhood, Richardson differs from the stereotype of football players tattoos, which are usually drawings with realistic features.

In addition to tattoos that show that the player is people like us, he also printed his body with references to his football achievements. The athlete has a tattoo in a corner of the Tottenham team that honors him, where it is possible to read the sayings He's azilian (in Portuguese, he is azilian).

The Olympic gold won in Japan is also eternalized on his skin, surrounded by the design of his shirt.

Through Instagram, his tattoo artist, DOM, shared that the player promised to tattoo the World Cup if the azilian National Team wins the helical championship.


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