Valorant: Harbor is disabled from the competitive by bug with Ultimate


It's been a while since players have not encountered problems with bass agents and bugs at Valorant, Riot Games FPS.

However, Harbor seems to be the protagonist of a current problem: his ultimate is apparently eaking the server. When used, she makes all other players suffer from an extremely high ping.

The Indian agent lived an important moment in the game, as he received improvements in the latest version of LOL's tactical shooter.

This deactivation comes at the worst time for Harbor

After the buff received at the last patch, it was a good opportunity to see if Harbor could be seen more often. This change came in the waterfall, which went from one to two units, providing more vision problems for enemies and versatility when attacking or planning a resumption.

However, he faces a problem that will leave him out of action for a few hours. This was not the only problem that an agent had over these two years of Valorant's life. Some of the most notorious include Cypher's wires or their camera, which caused a bug in the game.

Another, and perhaps the most commented, is that Astra could sell the star they for free in the first round and, with extra gold, buy a Marshall or Stinger. This generated a huge advantage for himself and an injustice for the team that could not buy anything but pistols in the initial round.


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