Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition, Soccer National Team supports compensation.

On November 11, Cuba Games will hold a promotion to support the national team's national team in the mobile strategy game 'Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition'.


First, on November 12th, a soccer fan certification event will be held, and a theme server will be opened. Certifications can receive gold coins and special materials gift boxes. The theme server then provides a dedicated reward for the first alliance that has entered the resource with gold coins.

On November 21, the Three Kingdoms Dream Team will be held. Through the official café, you can select a longevity for the soccer position to create a dream team to participate in the event. On the 30th and December 12th, the 8th and 1st and 3rd winners' forecast events will be held.

On December 8, the strongest team manager event will be held. You can get gold coins by creating your own team style through the official café event bulletin board.

The Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition is a strategic game based on the Three Kingdoms and is operated as a season.


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