This is the definitive hybrid between alien and human by Marvel: name and origins

The Alien franchise continues to enjoy a large state beyond cinema thanks to other formats such video games or comics, in addition to the next Alien series. So much so, that Marvel Comics h presented the definitive hybrid between alien and human with the so-called Woman of Darkness, the most lethal mesomorph known whose reon for existing is none other than the annihilation of humanity. This is how they collect it Screen Rant after presenting to this new figure of the Alien Universe and the fateful prophecy that accompanies her.

History and origin of the woman of darkness

Thus, the Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador APROCA comics series presents us with a fearsome hybrid between the race of the mesomorphs and the human being. But where does it come from? The history of this Alien comic presents a radioactive threat that can end humanity and therefore a group of synthetic soldiers known Steel Team travels to the planet Tobler-9 to get an experiment carried out by Weyland-Yutani that could be the key to salvation.


However, this project intended to achieve the definitive hybrid between mesomorphs and humans; But how could it be otherwise, the mission goes wrong and the most fearsome aliens never before known are free by an almost human queen, really powerful and thirsty for blood.

The objective of the so-called Woman of Suction is to lead the mesomorphs in their expansion through the universe and, incidentally, end the human race. Will we see a similar plot in some live-action production of Alien? Of course, it would be a most interesting script...


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