The pain is back: Reus is missing out on in Wolfsburg

After the midday, however, had actually passed and the Westphalian Cross had set off on Reduced Saxony, the Ruhr Nachrichten reported that Zeus had actually not started the trip.

Apparently the continuous ankle discomfort, as a result of which the 33-year-old last missed out on a number of games and also just commemorated his resurgence at 3-0 at 3-0 at 3-0 at the weekend, and also forcing the offensive gamer once again for the break.

He was in pain once again, so we analyzed him today, Dortmund's instructor had actually said regarding his leading player Marco Reus on Monday afternoon-and still wishes for a goal in Wolfsburg on Tuesday (6.30 p.m., live! We'll see if he can stand on the pitch with us in the midday.

Basaltic moves for Zeus

As a substitute, U-23 gamer Marco Basaltic (22) has actually moved up, that at the very least offers trainer Eric an extra squad alternative. The young player comes mainly through the best side.

As the Ruhr Nachrichten records, Zeus (2 Bundesliga objectives as well as 2 assists in 9 games) left the training area at night around thirty minutes after the team in exclusive cars. On Sunday, the nationwide player, that certainly additionally expected a nomination of national train Hansi Flick for the soon-to-be begun in Qatar, had to stop training with his colleagues after simply around thirty minutes.

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