The best advantages for each game style in Modern Warfare 2

The Modern Warfare 2 advantages system shows several skills that can improve your performance in multiplayer mode. However, each player has their own way of doing things and certain skills work better with their unique game style. So, if you have difficulties with this game mechanics, here are the best advantages for each game style in Modern Warfare 2 .

The best advantages for tank players

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hardened battle Pump squad Fast arrangement Survivor

As a tank player, it is best to have protective skills that can prolong your survival rate in battle. With this in mind, players can equip the basic and definitive advantages shown above to resist enemy attacks. First, we have the Battle Hardened ability, which reduces the effect of flash, stun, EMP, Grenades and Shock Sticks of the opposite equipment. To top it off, it also makes you immune Snapshot Grenades.

The Bomb Squad Base Perk reduces the damage to an explosive that is not kill streak and restarts the foam timers when you collect live grenades. Undoubtedly, this ability will be useful in intense situations, especially if the enemy constantly throws tactical or lethal equipment.

Finally, tanks players can select Quick fix or survive Ultimate Perks to increase their survival possibilities. With the quick skill fix, you can regenerate your health once you defeat an opponent. Players can also increase their health regeneration by capturing and maintaining objectives in multiplayer modes such as domination and hard point. Or, you can choose Survivor Ultimate Perk to have a last stand after death.

The best advantages for long-range battles

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  • exaggerate
  • strong arm POINT
  • Approach Bird Eye

If you have more than one long-range battle game style at Modern Warfare 2, then you should definitely have some of these skills in your PERK package. For example, Overkill Base Perk allows players to carry two main weapons, where they can equip weapons with better reach. Without this ability, you can only access secondary weapons, such as guns, melee devices and pitchers.

To help with the distance, players can use the strong arm advantage to launch the team further and see a preview of the trajectory. In addition, Spotter talent can locate enemy hardware (through the walls), including field updates and kill streaks.

Once you find a good point of view on the map, you can use Focus Bonus Perk to reduce the shudder to point down and extend the duration of Hold Breath to point to an enemy precisely. Last but not least, there is Birdseye Ultimate Perk, which is part of the sniper package. This benefit produces a version far from the Minima pa, which gives you a better environment.

The best advantages for stealthy players

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DOUBLE TIME tracing Cold blood Ghost

For a cunning game style, you can equip these advantages to hide your presence and increase the speed of movement. For example, the two-time base advantage expands the duration of the tactical sprint and increases the crouching movement by 30 percent. That said, beating is one of the most critical aspects of the stealthy game because you can hide behind nearby objects.

While players explore the map in silence, they can use the tracker skill to follow the fingerprints of the enemy and hide the death markers of the opposing team. In addition, cold blood bonus keeps you out of sight, making you undetectable from the enemy's objective system and thermal optics.

At level 52, players will unlock Ghost Ultimate Perk, a skill that can make them undetectable by UAV, portable radar and beat sensors. Getting this benefit can take time, but at least it will improve your long-term stealth skills. But if you want a prefabricated package, you can use the ghost package to facilitate things.

The best advantages for assault players

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  • exaggerate DOUBLE TIME
  • fast hands hard line
  • Maximum alert Fast arrangement

Complete frontal attacks are one of the most common game styles in Modern Warfare 2, since this technique focuses on rapid murders. As a result, the team can accumulate enough points of these eliminations to win the game. Like long-range combat tactics, Overkill ability is an excellent option for assault players because they can resort to their second weapon when they run out of bullets.

The assault game style requires a lot of rapid movement, mainly when an enemy points to you on the battlefield. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose the double-time base benefit and the fast-hand bonus benefit to increase its general speed for tactical sprint, recharge, equipment use and arms exchange. In addition, those who use Kill streak mechanics can often use Hardliner bonus perk to reduce the cost of kill streak by 1. Complete front assault players usually accumulate enough points for Kill streak, so they can use this ability to unlock it instantly.


High Alert Ultimate Perk is one of the best skills of the game due to its great advantage on the battlefield. This ability activates a vision pulse that alerts the player when there is an enemy nearby, which reduces the risk of a surprise enemy attack. Or, you can equip the quick fix to last longer in multiplayer modes.

The best advantages for scavengers

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SCOPE Extra tactic Requirement Overclocking

Modern Warfare 2's Scavenger game style focuses on the aspect of the game's tactical and lethal team. One of the most obvious options for the advantages is the Scavenger ability, which resumes ammunition and knives thrown from dead players. Next, we have the advantage of extra tactic base, a skill that generates an additional tactic, and the refraining bonus advantage, a talent that gives you another lethal.

Finally, players can store an additional field update with Overclock Ultimate Perk. This team can greatly help the team due to its unique skills. For example, the ammunition box displays an ammunition and equipment box for your group, while the portable radar detects nearby enemies without a UAV. In addition, the Overclock advantage increases the Field Upgrade load rate by 40 %, allowing players to use it frequently.

That is enough for our guide on best advantages for each game style in Modern Warfare 2 . To get more content about the game, you can explore the relevant links below, including our guide on how to get golden camouflage.

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