The 7th 'Nexon Youth Programming Challenge' finals

[ Moon Byung-soo] Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) announced on the 7th that it ended the final competition of the 7th Nixon Youth Programming Challenge (NYC) held at the Pang yo office on October 29. Did.

NYC is a youth programming competition that Nixon has been holding every year since 2016 to raise interest in programming and reduce the threshold of coding experience. Based on the game development know-how that has been accumulated for a long time, it has been in the spotlight by young people who are dreaming of programmers by asking novel problems of various difficulty.

This year, NYC has started in the midst of high participation with the second-largest number of 5,300 people since 2018, and 15 selected through the fierce competition of 'Round 1' and 'Round 2', which were held online since mid-August. The top 44 in the age of 19 and the top 16 in the ages of 12 to 14 were in the finals.

The 7th NYC 12-14 years old won the championship by acquiring the shortest time since the tournament. BYU Jae-won said, This year, NYC changed the competition to the 'Round System' of Round 1 and Round 2, and it was more intense to enter the finals.

Gang Tae-hyun (16), Lenin Internet High School, was awarded to the age of 15-19. Gang Tae-hyun has participated in the competition for four consecutive years since 2019 and was honored with the Grand Prize this year with a constant challenge. Gang Tae-hyun, a student, said, NYC is a competition with always open opportunities for challenges, so I have been studying coding every year. I will be.


Gold and Silver Awards in the ages of 12-14 were awarded by Kim Yeo-jin (11) and Derek Middle School Badly (12), respectively. Military (16) occupied each.

Kim Jungkook, Chairman of the Nixon Foundation, said, We hope that through NYC participation, we hope that youths will have a fun and familiar coding experience, grow into a great programmer who dreams of the future and benefits our society. I will continue various efforts.

This year, the NYC final competition created a safe competition environment, such as placing seats between students and minimizing visitors from outside the venue. The awards ceremony was held offline with limited number of parents inviting parents of participating students.

Meanwhile, Nixon has a 'open contest' that allows students who have not entered the finals to provide a wide range of coding experiences to solve the final problem online for the top 500 rounds of the round 2 entrepreneurs. Did.


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