SNS, the developer of the game CULT OF THE LAMB, which sold one million in a week, reveals what he did to buzz. However, you don't have to buzz

Cult of the Lamb is an action game that has the elements of the cult church and dungeon search. The main character's lamb is revived by the standby while being executed once. The purpose of the game is to raise the boss of the old religion that is waiting deep in the dungeon while raising the religion as a guru. The gap between the cute graphics and the black element of the operation of the cult attracted attention and achieved one million units in one week after the release on August 12. Initially, we heard that we were dissatisfied with the large number of bugs and the game balance, so we improved the update. At the time of writing the article, Steam reviews maintained very popular, with 92 % popular out of about 30,000.


One of the factors that supported sales would be the SNS strategy of this work. The number of followers on Twitter's official account is 182,000 at the time of writing. JARED J TAN introduced the SNS strategy of this work. Tan is a team in charge of community management and social media marketing of this work. He arrived five weeks before the launch, and the number of Twitter followers at the time was about 13,000. To this day, the number has been increased more than 10 times. In addition, an account is opened in TikTok, with 220,000 followers. Both are amazing figures as an official indie game account. How did Tan increase the attention of games on SNS?

Tan states that it took five elements in social marketing. There are five things: understanding the story, content that evokes emotions, A fan of enthusiastic fans, anticipate trends, and effective use of assets. Understanding the story seems to refer to an advertising strategy. It is a task to conduct the development team hearing and clarify what the unique element of this game is and how the message you want to convey will be conveyed quickly. The following content that evokes emotions refers to the surprise that this work brings to users watching SNS. The gap of a cute character performing cruel acts is a humorous and functions on SNS.

Tan continued to say, Be an enthusiastic fan of an enthusiastic fan. The official account of this work has maintained a cooperative attitude toward the excitement and creation of users, such as introducing users' works with comments. An example of these initiatives is a crow believer.

In this work, there are many designs that deformed animals, including the main character lamb. Among them, the believer in the crow had a bite beside the face, but also had a mouth in front of the face, as if there were two mouths. It has a face with a tsunami born by deformation, and the crow's design says Tan, many people were not positive.

So Tan posted a crow believer and his beak image to the official account. The user freely created images of believers and urged them to post. In particular, many images were actually posted by users, such as the beak image material, such as adding a beak on the character and the beak on the photo of your pet. It is an effort to make it easier to participate in the creativity, leaving the user's creativity.

It is also important to anticipate the trend. When a specific topic on SNS could be expected to be a trend in advance, he said that he had prepared a post according to it. When the trailer of the movie The Super Mario Bros. Movie was announced, the movie was expected to be a trend as a ward, and posted a movie-style poster. Another case is a case that quickly responds to unpredictable trends. In September this year, it became a hot topic that the video under the latest GTA series was leaked. At this time, some users pointed out that they looked far from the finished product, so multiple game development companies have released early development game video ((1). Related article). CULT OF THE LAMB also catches the movement and released images of the early development. The tweet has earned 62,000 likes at the time of writing.

To develop a strategy on SNS, you need a posted material such as images and images. Tan finally mentions effective use of assets. In the case of CULT OF THE LAMB, he edited the already prepared images, and edited it into a more high-paced fascinating introduction video. As a further use of assets, the images prepared for games and products were used for posting on SNS. As an example, the image of the movie-style poster mentioned above uses images prepared for soundtrack jackets. By cutting out and editing one material, the material to be posted is created.

He also states that there is no need to hit a social to sell games. It is important to show the game to as many people as possible, and every time you see the game, the user is one step closer to the purchase. Mr. Tan has already buttoned the promotion of Cult of the Lamb to another person. The position of the social marketing leader he is in charge of is a position that is not directly related to the game development. The backstory related to these promotions will not reach the user very much. However, he contributed to the promotion of this work by practicing multiple strategies. With these advertising, many people saw many people, and by the quality of the game itself, we called reviews. No matter which of you are missing, there may have been a hit of Cult of the Lamb.


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