Handball Bundesliga: Kim Sonne

So Sun-Hansen will play once more in the Danish handhold organization in the future after he was offered a squad square in the very first division of his residence country. He additionally goes back to his family.

The Dane Sonne-Hansen was number three behind the Slovenian Element Berlin (33) as well as his compatriot Bertram Oblong (27). Now the 30-year-old two-meter male has educated his company a temporary change of exchange, which the HE will certainly likewise satisfy.

exemplary and specialist actions

Kim is an extremely excellent example of specialist and exemplary behavior. He accepted his not basic duty and yet trained excellently every day as well as placed himself in the solution of the group. He just assisted us a lot in the past season. I am sure he was Will also be an enrichment for his following group. We want Kim much success for his future, discussed trainer Raul Alonso.


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