God of War Ragnarok: How to find the true Tyr after the end of the game?

If you are close to the ending in God of War Ragnarök, you know Odin disguised Try, has been infiltrated by the heroes group all the time and even killed Book. After finishing the main story we discovered that the God of the Nordic War is not dead, but was arrested, and it is possible to find it.


How to find the true Try in God of War Ragnarök?

To find the true Try you will need to complete the mission The Destroyed Prison. At this point we discovered that the God of the Nordic War is alive, as it was necessary for Odin to maintain his magic of transformation. Follow the steps below:

  • Finish the main story
  • You will find out that pieces of Asgard have fallen into the other kingdoms
  • Go to Niffelheim
  • You will find a tree full of Odin crows
  • Will hear Sinatra crying (the wife of the fire giant who has become Ragnarök)

  • From here it is only necessary to advance, solving the puzzles

  • After finding Try, you will have a conversation and the mission The Destroyed Prison will be complete
  • Try will start traveling between the kingdoms
  • You can find it and have dialogues

Finding Try in other kingdoms is not a mission and will ing no reward. It is more of a bonus to enrich the story and know more about the personality of the God of the Nordic War. You will not win trophies.

The God of the Nordic War is somewhat calm and reflective, practicing meditations, digesting what happened while being arrested and even talking about love. Unfortunately we do not see him in action, but it is interesting to know his personality, since in God of War 2018 we found that he traveled among other kingdoms and met other gods.


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