Cómo Venter a Early Thor Boss Fight En God of War Ragnarok

With a name like God of War, we already know that Rates is never too shy to let his fists fly, Leviathan Ax, Blades of Chaos or even his shield. However, in God of War Ragnarök, he will face even more legendary beings of Nordic mythology, and perhaps no one is as prominent as Thor apart from Odin himself. In fact, the god of thunder is the first battle against a great boss you will face, so if you are looking for help in how to defeat Thor from the beginning in God of War Ragnarök Let us help.

Defeat Thor from the beginning at God of War Ragnarök

After Odin's visit to his humble dwelling comes to a disagreement, Thor unleashes to inflict some damage to Rates, and this boss fight is definitely an early test of his domain of the various skills in God of War Ragnarök. As a general rule, as with other elite enemies, knowing when to block, dodge or stop will lead to better chances of success against the voluminous Thor.

Phrase 1

The fight is less about reducing your health to nothing, but more than building the stunning meter, so you can unleash a grip movement by pressing R3. Thor will use a combined three-stroke sequence, which can be blocked or stopped, as well as a powerful movement of applause when he throws his arms back. Buy it well, and you can stop it; Otherwise, blocking and dodging also works well. When a red circle attack approaches, prepare to dodge and get away to avoid any damage.

Phase 2

Once you have made the first grip movement, the fight moves to another sand where the battle remains largely. However, this time, be sure to use the columns to cause additional damage. It attracts Thor near these objects, blocks or dodges their attacks and interacts with them to punish him.

It is at this time that Thor will also start using Mjölnir, either like a distance throwing, hitting the ground for ray lines that hit him, or to enhance his melee sequence. You can easily dodge the releases, while the rest can block before you take the initiative to attack. Rates will apparently die of a death scheduled in this second phase, but Thor relives it for more pain.

Phase 3

After witnessing the incredible frozen ray, you must prepare for the final stretch. The attacks used by Thor will continue to be the same and add a new effect attack on their arsenal. When you begin to crush Mjölnir against the ground to generate rays, avoid red circles and approach to hurt him. In addition, be sure to use your Spartan Rage to increase your damage whenever possible, and it won't spend much before you can grab it once again with R3 and finish the fight.

Once you have shown Thor what it is, you will consider your blood debt paid and leave the area. This will also be when Sindhi and Book return to God of War Ragnarök, promoting the narrative.

Now that everyone is trapped in How to defeat Thor from the beginning in God of War Ragnarök , maybe there is more preparation in his future. You can get more information about Yggdrasil's dew, how to use your light and heavy runic attacks or dominate combined auctions for battle. There is also more relevant content to consult below.

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