Hundreds of people confuse Avatar's reset with Avatar 2 and demand the return of their entry

A new candidate for the Darwin Awards of the The Europa League final is in Bucharest and go to Budapest arrives. New news of those that make faith losing in humanity (if someone had left). Thirteen years after its premiere in cinem, Avatar h returned to Sal with a remtering version in 3D and 4K HDR with which James Cameron wanted to recover the most grossing movie crown in history, which lost to hands at hands of Avengers: Endgame. Well, for that and to refresh our memory with his history a few months after the launch of his sequel (avatar: the sense of water). The fact is that not everyone h understood such a strategy .

The networks have been filled these days with users who claim to feel deceived by the re-relee , well film employees who share their experience with these from the other side of the ticket offices and the bars of popcorn. Hundreds of people went to see the remtered version of Avatar thinking that it w the second part and later anecdotes are hilarious. From those who stayed without realizing that it w the original to those who left at ten minutes or half film, through the anger of those who demanded the return of their entrance . There are some examples:

You can't complain about Avatar's duration

Hopefully the complaints do not reach Cameron's ears, because the news comes just a few weeks after knowing the director's little patience. The filmmaker launched an order to all those who tremble at the more than two and a half hours that Avatar lts: the sense of water. I do not want that anyone complains about the duration if they later sit down to watch eight-hour television series. I can already imagine some criticism. That agonizing three-hour movie, they will say. Give me a fucking breath . I have seen my children sit in front of TV and make marathons of five episodes in a row. It is the great social change that should occur, people should understand that nothing happens to get up and go to piss I couldn't say what is the average intelligence of your fans.

Avatar, how many sequels will there be?

We do not know if they will be long Avatar and the sense of water, or if Cameron will close the doors behind us when they go to see them so that we do not escape, but there are another three more movies without counting the second. In other words, we will get to Avatar 5. They are the following:

  • Avatar 2: The sense of water (December 16, 2022)
  • Avatar 3: The Seed Bearer (December 20, 2024)
  • Avatar 4: The Tulum Rider (December 18, 2026)
  • Avatar 5: The Quest for Era (December 22, 2028)

Avatar What cost the director to leave the number in the title to avoid misunderstandings? But well, for the confuses we remind you that the second is the one that h a Na'vi version of Kate Winslet and a new blue version of Sigourney Weaver, two reons why it is well worth giving the tape a chance . Because yes, we know what happens to you all by the head when talking about the saga, but we k ourselves... Why are you all so fed up and tired of Avatar?


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