How to play damage in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is a hero-player, so all the characters fit into certain roles or archetypes. One of these wide categories of roles in Overwatch 2 is characters causing damage or mainly causing damage. If you prefer to kill enemies, and not treat or tank, then the characters of damage in OW2 are ideal for you.

If you are a newcomer in the game or a longtime player, let us tell you how best to play and succeed as a damage dealer in Overwatch 2.

Tips on how to become a professional player causing damage to Overwatch 2

The characters of the damage are considered the front and the center of any command staff in OW2.

They guarantee that they cause enemies a huge damage, which is difficult to cope with. They work best when they are active in the corners and spaces created by tanks.

Boys from DPS quickly develop and try to inflict as much damage as possible in order to exhaust and, ultimately, erase enemies from the field.

Heroes of damage are responsible for participating most in battle and use their weapons, high damage, skills and tools to win the enemy.

Before we delve into how to play DPS in OW2 efficiently, here is a list of all the characters in the game;

  • ESH
  • Bastion
  • Echo
  • Genii
  • Hand
  • Rat
  • Cassidy
  • May
  • Farrah
  • Reaper
  • Stay
  • Soldier: 76
  • Samba
  • Symmetry
  • Torsion
  • Tracer
  • Fatal widow

Now that you have received a general idea of the role of DPS in OW2 and the heroes that belong to this role, let's look at some tips and techniques that will help you better play when the hero Damage hero is better.

Expect game styles of damage heroes

One of our first and most basic tips will be the study of many damage heroes available in Overwatch 2, for the game of DPS class and determining what style of the game is most suitable for you.

Although the above 17 heroes belong to the same class, they still have their own individual abilities, skills and weapons that can make their individual gameplay unique. Starting from the deadly Katina blades and ending with plasma guns, each of them is different.

Some show themselves best in close combat, while others do better with distant attacks. After conducting a small study and experimenting, you can find your ideal hero of damage suitable for OW2.

Know your cards

Another general advice that we recommend is to be in a hurry and study the cards in the game. OW2 is an extremely detailed game. Each small action performed by your character has an effect, and sometimes the environment also affects these effects.

For example, some command compositions work best on maps with hills, while others on the plains.


Even small details, such as how you turn your DPS character during an attack, will affect his speed and damage.

Moreover, some cards allow you to seize the territory, sneak up to enemies as a traffic police and kill them. The Damage Hero game gives many advantages if you use them correctly.

Switching characters

The change of characters in OW2, as you know, is a tactical decision that is made in the middle of the game, if necessary.

Since the heroes of damage are mainly used to penetrate the territory of the enemy and aggressive seizure of the territory, they are also put in place to cause the greatest damage. And, as we discussed above, DPS heroes do not have a large supply of health than other classes.

In such scenarios, the change of characters in the middle of the game is a great solution to save yourself and the team from losing coordination and failure to achieve the goal.

Despite the fact that some people have their own opinion related to this function that removes the competitive aspect of the game, we believe that it is great in terms of determining the usefulness of different heroes at different moments of the battle.

Place the heroes of damage with tanks

Another of our advice when equipping the hero of the damage is to critically arrange it and understand where it will be in the greatest safety during a fierce battle.

Compared to other classes, the heroes of damage, as a rule, have a low level of health and can become very vulnerable to death if they cause damage to their enemies.

The best way to solve this problem is to arrange them next to your tanks, which will provide them with a powerful shield.

It will also provide excellent coordination between two classes, allowing tanks to create spaces and allowing DPS to use them to actively achieve command goals.

Another way to arrange their DPS heroes is to keep them away from close combat and instead performing distant attacks.

Since they feel bad in a direct collision with enemies, placing them at a safe distance guarantees that their health will not be at risk, and they can still be useful for the team.

Determine the review points

As emphasized earlier, most Damage heroes do poorly with clashes that can throw you back while you are in hot battles. The solution to the problem would be the use of viewing points and a kind of use as the main post for attack.

Find a good viewing point and do what the hero of damage does, spam! Go by the wind with your attacks and cause maximum damage. The viewing points can be high or low, behind tanks or healers, as well as in blind areas.

The application of blows to the back does not mean literal capture of weapons and a blow to the back.

This means developing a strategy of your DPS attacks in such a way that they promote their attacks from the rear of the enemy line. Perhaps you also heard that this technique is called a flank.

Now this approach will not be so simple and easy to execute; Instead, you will need to force your DPS characters to fight aggressively.

However, as soon as you find yourself behind the enemy line, you can successfully use the strategy of ticks, which will allow you to shock the enemy and break its coordination.

This will destroy their synergy and will allow you to change the rate of battle. Enemies will now be focused on individual survival, and not on teamwork, which will easily find and kill each of them.

Remember the location of the first-aid kit

After hitting in the back, our next advice concerns the study of the location of first-aid kits in the game. This will help you effectively plan bypass tracks and will allow you to use them when you will fight later in battle.

This makes you independent of your treatment, especially if the chief healer of your team is reborn at this time or just removes some kind of burden from them.

This knowledge will become your main plan B in the middle of the battle, so we strongly recommend that you find out where the nearest first-aid kits are.

Aim at enemy support heroes

One of the best ways to use your heroes is to use their aiming and use them to aim at the heroes of the enemy’s team and kill them one after another.

Present in the combat arena, use your DPS heroes to identify the fragile heroes of the enemy team and aim at them using their highest abilities or main weapons. This will inflict damage to the enemies, which can destroy them.

One of the main techniques that can be used when using DPS heroes is to aim at the heroes of support for the enemy team.

The main function of the hero of support is to treat his allies and restore their health in order to help them accept the battle and return stronger.

A decrease in the health of the enemy support hero guarantees that the main bank of the team’s health will no longer be present, which will ultimately simplify the destruction of the entire team.


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