[General] Resurrection 'Silent Hill', 4 new games + movies

Is it a rumor without sources, or is it a reliable outflow through internal sauce? Silent Hill, which has been burning fans' soy sauce over the resurrection of the stopped series, is finally released as a new game.

INAMI conducted a special broadcast on the 20th of Korea on the 20th, and a variety of Silent Hill 2 remake , Silent Hill Town Downfall , Silent Hill f Silent Hill Ascension , and the movie Return to the Silent Hill delivered videos and information about the Silent Hill .

The video shows the game reminiscent of a fog-written village, and the producer Nakamoto Motor of the Silent Hill series appeared directly to introduce the games.

The first game that was released is the remake title of Silent Hill 2, which was constantly delivered in collaboration with the Blubber team.

The video was released without any introduction, but the two main characters James Sunderland reproduced the mirror scenes like the original and announced that it is a remake. The cinematic trailer, along with the main character James, appeared in two episodes, and the Bubble Heads, which has become the representative creature of the series, and the 'Triangle' Red Pyramiding.

The Silent Hill 2 remake is produced by the Blubber Team, which developed Layers of Pier and Medium. In addition, Yamaha Akira, who was the art director of the original and the game music of Ito Mahavira, who designed various creatures, and the series of game music.

Motor producer said that it has been three years since he commissioned Mahavira. It is a point where INAMI was preparing for this remake title early.

Meanwhile, the Blubber team promised to develop works that can satisfy the original fans, new fans, and all of them by talking about respect for the original work.

Detailed information on Silent Hill 2 remake was not disclosed, but the launch of the PS5 console monopoly was announced on the day.

Is The original game film is Silent Hill, which records unusual evaluations and successes. Silent Hill's director Christophe Kings has released detailed information of the new movie Return to Silent Hill.

Return to Silent Hill is produced as the sequel to the first film produced by Christof Kings instead of Michael Hill: Severance by Michael Bergen. It depicts the story of a young man who returned to a nightmare like a nightmare under the theme of 'How far can human beings sacrifice?'

Victor Haida producer mentions King's passion and affection for the game, and confirmed that he never undermined the worldview of the game while making the original match. He added that he listened to the opinions of the original developer, producer and INAMI. King also stressed that it is important to express his permanent tribute to the original work in film production.

In this film, there will be a new creature that will shock the fans as well as the appearance of Red Pride Sing. To this end, the crew also said that he had a deep story with the original developer.

In particular, the film title was introduced as a direct opportunity for the resurrection of the series of Silent Hill series announced on the day. Haida producer persuaded INAMI to develop a new Silent Hill with his acquaintance. INAMI was happy to accept the film's motivation.

INAMI's NATO Louis Assistant producer, who appeared on the day, explained that he had planned to revive the game, not just making a movie and simply making a movie. Christof Kings has prepared a chance for Silent Hill's resurrection.

Meanwhile, the film said that only storyboards and Cont were completed and before casting and shooting.

The new work, Silent Hill Downfall, developed by Annapurna Interactive and Scotland's Game Studio No Code. However, in addition to the short teaser released on the day, no detailed information has been disclosed, and no more than that, no more than that. However, in the New Year, he said he would be able to deliver more information.

No code is a studio that developed observatory and Story's Untold. Story's Unsets, in particular, have been well-received for interesting text and experimental storytelling.

● The video contains cruel content. Pay attention to watching. Silent Hill F is a new film that moved the stage of the franchise to Japan. In the 1960s, only one short trailer video was released without any introduction. The volume was short, but it seemed to eat dark fog and girls. And the flowers and face leather grew up all over the body were peeled off, and the face with a huge hole was caught in a shocking visual.

The game is famous for the game, which is famous for the Tsunami UL enemy, and as a writer, the Devil May Cry HD, the Biohazard Origin Collection, the Marvel Avengers, the Biohazard Remake Title, Biohazard Reverse, etc. Developer Neo bards Entertainment will be developed.

Information on 'Silent Hill: Ascension', where many people experience fear together in the Interactive series. The short trailer released on this day did not contain much information other than the creature. However, it was emphasized that several users exchanged opinions as if they were delivering messages.

In addition, DJ2 Entertainment, a digital content conversion company such as AENEID, Game Dead By Daylight's Behavior Interactive, Video Game, and TV, suggests that it will be an interactive content that connects video games and live-streaming experiences.

Also, in the work, J.J. Abrams also joins the bad robot production. On this day, J.J. Abrams' message was also released through special broadcasts. Silent Hill: Ascension will be released in 2023.

Along with the restoration of the franchise, various goods are also looking for fans. Various goods developers such as GECKO, Good Smile, and Crazy Rocks will launch stack and diorama. In particular, the piggy bank stitch, which reproduced the scene of the dog ending, attracted attention.


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