A Ncar pilot challenges danger and achieves success with a video game trick; He learned by playing Gamecube

It is known for all that there are many athletes who enjoy video games much we . We have seen many stories of soccer players who celebrate goals such the characters of their favorite titles, but none peculiar the one that happened yesterday at the Xfinity 500 Playoffs Cup Series 2022 , played in the Martinsville Speedway circuit.

Do you remember when in many driving games, we took advantage of the lack of realism to take the curves sticking to the wall? Well, that is just what the American pilot Ross Captain h d1. A really reckless maneuver , since it h not only put their safety at risk, but that of the rest of the rivals against those who competed on the track. Neither short nor lazy, when ked for it at the end of the race, he commented that practiced in ea NCAR 2005: Che for the cup for Nintendo Game cube . Luckily I didn't play Driver or Mario Kart...

With caution, dear driver: the best 2022 cars games

This year, driving lovers have many options to enjoy motor racing at home . Gran Tourism 7 is one of the most popular; The return of a legend saga for PS5 and PS4, and if what you like is to emulate Fernando Alonso and his Alpine-we will be better to go to the things than the turian pilot in Mexico-you have the acclaimed F1 22.

With a more arcade tone and frantic races you have Grid Legends, which reached PC and consoles in February. On the other hand, if yours is the rally you can take a look at the impending WRC Generations, whose relee date is set for November 3. Finally, it should not be forgotten that On December 2 a clsic saga few : Need for Speed Unbound is the new installment.


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