Valov, user application ahead of 'Rooney Z'

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Valor will hold an event for users until October 5 before re-out of Rooney Z.

Valor (CEO Shin Jae-young) announced on the 26th that it will hold 'Rooney and Memories with Rooney Z' Teaser Page on PC casual role-playing game (RPG).

This event will be held until October 5, and you can apply through the fun episodes and hopes of 'Rooney Electric' and 'Rooney Z' in the past.

According to Valor, the posts participating in the event prioritize the qualitative scores, the quality of the contents, and the like, and finally gathers the opinions of the internal management.

Winners will be announced on the teaser homepage on the 13th, and three targets will receive 50,000 won for cultural gift certificates, 5 excellent awards for BBQ chicken, 10 people in the Encouragement Prize will receive 10,000 won for cultural gift certificates and 100 Starbucks coffee coupons.

Rooney Z, where the service is currently terminated, recorded 30,000 concurrent users and 5 million global cumulative users at the time of Nixon service in 2006.


Valor is currently preparing for the re-out of Rooney Z, and he plans to recreate the previous popularity through the advantages of Rooney Z in the past and the operating policy and marketing that suits the recent trends.

Representative Shin Jae-young said, We have planned this event to revive the memories of those who miss 'Rooney Z' in the past. Said.


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