Ryan Grantham, Riverdale actor, is sentenced to life imprisonment

In March 2020 it was announced that Ryan Grant ham, recognized for playing Jeffrey Augustine in the Riverdale series, murdered his mother, Barbara Waite, with a rifle while she played the piano of her house located In Squarish, British Columbia. The young man admitted committing this act in a video. After surrendering to the police at that time, a sentence was recently issued where he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Riverdale The judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Kathleen KER, described the crime of tragic and heartbreaking. Along with this, she pointed out that surrendering to the police was Grant ham's right decision. Because the second degree murder in Canada is punished with automatic life imprisonment, The actor will have no possibility of requesting a conditional release.

After killing his mother, ** Grant ham had planned to kill Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime minister. Simon Fraser. Fortunately, the young man did not carry out anything, and in his place he gave himself to local authorities.

Without a doubt, A tragic end for Ryan Grant ham's career , who since the age of nine he entered the world of performance, and participation in productions such as zombie, Unspeakable, Way of the Wicked and the imagination of Doctor Parnassus. In related issues, new Cloverfield movie is confirmed. Similarly, Olivia Wilde talks about Harry Styles's spit.


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