PUBG: Battlefields: McLaren GT car

  • Trendy driving with McLaren Automotive: During the duration of the teamwork, gamers have the chance to obtain a McLaren GT Standard-Onyx Black automobile skin, a costume, devices, an emote and also even more concerning McLaren food breasts. The special McLaren skins can be connected to the lorry through the brand-new connecting UI by pressing the secondary communication secret in front of the lorry. * Vehicle workshop: Gamers can additionally create the McLaren GT Standard-Silica White and also McLaren GT Elite-Volcano Yellow lorry skins in the workshop by utilizing the McLaren tokens that they receive from McLaren and also the craftsman's pass. In addition, as component of the cooperation, there will certainly additionally be unique, adjustable items of McLaren Automotive with which the players can create their own McLaren automobiles according to their personal design. Players that have a McLaren lorry to can connect with these container cars and only the player and/or their teammates who open up the container can drive and drive the automobile.


As part of this cooperation, PC gamers can get exclusive McLaren GT lorry skins and in-game things from September 7 to November second and also console gamer from November 15 to November 10th. Additionally, the PUBG is available: Battlefield upgrade 19.2 from September 7th for PC and also September 15th for console players.

In the adhering to there is an in-depth overview of the McLaren collaboration and also all modifications from Update 19.2. Additional info is offered below in the full patch notes. Gamers who intend to experiment with the brand-new material can do so on the PC examination server.

Krafton, Inc. has announced an unique collaboration with the British super sports automobile manufacturer McLaren Automotive.

  • Trendy driving with McLaren Automotive: Throughout the period of the cooperation, gamers have the possibility to obtain a McLaren GT Standard-Onyx Black vehicle skin, a costume, devices, an emote and more concerning McLaren food chests. Players can likewise equip the Sports car RB car with a McLaren-Skin. The unique McLaren skins can be affixed to the lorry by means of the brand-new communicating UI by pressing the second interaction key in front of the automobile. The skins have no impact on the efficiency of the lorry and also its initial requirements stay unmodified.
  • Car workshop: Players can also create the McLaren GT Standard-Silica White as well as McLaren GT Elite-Volcano Yellow car skins in the workshop by utilizing the McLaren symbols that they get from McLaren and the craftsman's pass. McLaren robbery upper bodies and also the Handwerker Pass * are marketed in PUBG: Battlegrounds during the teamwork durations for computer and console. Furthermore, as component of the collaboration, there will additionally be special, customizable items of McLaren Automotive with which the players can make their own McLaren cars according to their personal style. In the workshop, gamers can generate outside shades, brake calipers, rims and more to design their very own automobiles with these items. The adapted cars can also be shown in the lobby.
  • McLaren Container cars and truck: During the entire teamwork period, a special container automobile will certainly generate every starting factor in Erangel, Miramar, Taego, Sanhok, Vikendi and also Deston. Gamers who possess a McLaren lorry to can connect with these container lorries and just the player and/or their colleagues who open up the container can drive the vehicle and drive. The McLaren containers and vehicles are eliminated as quickly as the video game begins.
  • The not so pleasant food vehicle of the community: a new lorry has actually appeared in Deston, which offers some not so lovely treats for the players when checking out Deston. If you see the brand-new food truck via Deston, you can get a buffet made of spheres that fly out of the open window of the truck!
  • New feature: modification of weather: players that enter into Deston can experience the new time-dependent weather attribute that supplies an extra realistic light/weather state throughout a suit. The feature will not sustain a complete day-night cycle, however just a brief program cycle without a radical change in the position of the sun.
  • Updated animations: The update for upgrading the animations, which was originally explained in a designer letter, will certainly be live with upgrade 19.2! The aim of the upgrade is to boost the video gaming experience through the enhancement and refinement of the computer animation presentation, while the existing timing as well as the technique are kept.
  • New tool attachment, heavy shaft: The heavy shaft is presented with upgrade 19.2 and makes sure a lower recoil, however at the cost of slower ADS timing. In the patch notes you will discover a complete checklist of weapons that work with the hefty stick.


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