Guide to Temteam statistics

Your Tested should be the best and complement any other Tested on your list to really stand out like a coach. This is where statistics appear, as we explain in the Tested statistics guide below.

A simple increase in the level of your themes will help you for the most part, but it is also better that you write down the abilities of various tampers and what each of them does to better understand your team. This leadership will explain what each of these characteristics does, and will give you the best idea of what you should concentrate during your stay as a Tested coach.

Basic Tempest Statistics

Characteristics are a Determining factor for all these pretty, but dangerous monsters. They will help you better understand when it is best to use a specific TEM in battle. There are 7 characteristics that include:

  • Health glasses (HP)
  • Endurance (STA)
  • Speed (SPD)
  • Attack (ATK)
  • Special attack (spark)
  • Protection (Def)
  • Special protection (SPD EF)

Using this statistics, you can better determine what kind of damage to your tones can cause the enemy in battle, and how to control each of them accordingly in relation to the Te metes of your enemy.

These values will increase independently whenever your Tested gets the level. Each of these tiny monsters has a training value (TV), which shows what value they acquire for each characteristic as the level increases. In the same way, Single Value (SV) is what you install for Tested when taming it.

They are different for each theme and ultimately determine the level of specific characteristics. They change every time the TEM is developing.

Seven characteristics mentioned above; HP, STA, SPD, ATK, Spark, Def and SPD EF are usually used by all monsters. They are a Determining factor for Teeters in battle. A prison with good basic values can easily defeat another with a higher level if he has the best initial values.

Health points (hp)

The HP Esteem is how much damage it can withstand before losing consciousness. Your Teem will faint if he loses all his hits. Obtaining damage during battles will reduce the health of the Tempted if it is not replenished with the help of secondary means.

attack (ATK)

Your Esteem will have a rating of how much it can cause damage to enemies with the help of physical attacks; This rating is known as an attack (ATK). It represents the power of each physical attack of your Demeter; Knowing this meaning, you can properly control the attacks of your Tenet.

Special attack (spark)

The SPARK rating determines what kind of damage to your Teem will be able to inflict when using any special attack on the enemy.

Protection (Def)

Physical protection of the Tempted will be the resistance of your Tenet to damage from physical attacks of the enemy Tenet. The higher this rating, the less damage your Teem will receive from incoming physical attacks.

Special protection (SPD EF)

Special defense determines the stability of your Te mete to special attacks. The higher this rating, the more damage from special attacks will be able to withstand your Te mete.

Speed (SPD)

The speed will decide which equipment will be used first in battle. The speed will change depending on the priority of the technique. Priority is what will improve or reduce the speed related to the attack under consideration. The speed increases with an increase in the level and by increasing the speed of the television of your Demeter.

Endurance (STA)

Using any technique depleted a certain amount of endurance of your Demeter. Endurance is represented by a blue stripe under the HP of your Tempted. After the battle ended, the endurance of your theme should be replenished again. Stronger techniques that cause more damage will cost you more endurance.

If you happen to use more endurance than you have, your Te mete will lose some of your health as a result of overvoltage in battle.

Separate values (SV)

They vary from 1 to 50 and represent the quality of all 7 attributes of your theme. They are determined when you acquire Teem or when it is born, and they cannot be changed under any circumstances. In the best case, you can manipulate the SV puppy through SV parents. The higher the SV, the better the Tested. TEM, scoring 50 points in all SV, is considered ideal.

Training values (TV)

As the name implies, these are valuable assessments of your training so that you can increase the characteristics of your Tested. You can give them by defeating a wild Te meta or feeding your Te mete with special fruits. The maximum number of TVs that you can distribute is 1000, while not more than 500 TVs on one attribute.

The results of statistics

General base statistics, SV and TV gives you a number known as Stat Total.

This is all regarding the features of your Tested. You may not have control over what characteristic to improve, but now you know how best to choose which of them to choose for your list, and create several incredible compositions for future battles. Good luck!

Best Pharma for Training Values

The more TESTERS you win, the more TV you will earn. The value of statistics will increase as the number of your TVs increases. Tempera shows how many TVs will give you everyone, even if it is not yet captured!

For example, victory over Local will give you +1 to speed and +1 to endurance. The maximum income Testers is 1000 TVs. Each status can be assigned a maximum of 500 points. D.

You can raise or lower your theme of your topic using various objects in the game. Shops sell them, or you can find them around the world.


You can increase the training values of the theme in each of the seven characteristics in several ways. The best way is to go to certain places and farm TVs, defeating a certain Tempe in this area.

How to increase endurance (STA)

The fight against Barbara is the best way to train endurance. Interior and Ulterior Amnesia are ordinary places where you can find Bahamas during surfing. Tested 4 endurance TVs are earned for every victory over Barbara.

How to increase special protection (SPD EF)

A good place to train special protection is the Slots reservoir on the island of Turkey, where you can kill Ouroboros. The probability of spawning Ouroboros is 35% throughout the region. He offers 4 TVs in the Special Defense category.

How to increase speed (SPD)

In high-speed TVs, two TEM TEM are used instead of 1. A character named Madrid can be found in Milan's spears. In case of victory over them, three Speed TVs are awarded.

Tints in this area are a little less common than in others. More often you can find a bunk, preliminary evolution of Madrid, which gives 2 high-speed TV instead of wise.

How to increase specialty (spark)

TVs with a special attack train differently than other TVs. In the absence of real highly effective training options, we propose to fight axolotl in a certain area of the Ksolotsky reservoir.

You can surf in a small area of the Northern reservoir Solo as soon as you unlock the opportunity to surf. Axolotl can be found in the northwest corner of the map in a small territory. As a result, here you can more consistently train TV Special Attack.

how to increase health

Easy to teach television health. A good place is along the Pillar River, not far from the far southern end, a little east of the starting point of the Tempe. On the grass section of this small island, you can sprinkle Zapata of level 14 or 15. When you win every spat, you get three health TVs.

How to increase protection (Def)

Most of the time takes to train defense TV. The stairs in Milan mines have the best platform for training defense TV. Azurikov and its evolution Lapin ite are your target tones. Azurikov offers three protective TVs, and lapinite-two. Azure may appear from time to time, but this is a rarity.

How to increase the attack (ATK)

Volcano Ana is the best place to train attacking TV. Magmas and its evolution Bastion are two Testers that you should pay attention to. Our favorite place for training in Teem is a lawn near the place of healing.


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