xnfri player Let's play a match with a smile and high tension. Japan national team NOR THEPTION wins the world championship for the first time

The international competition VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen is being held from Sunday, July 10th in Copenhagen, Denmark. Japan national team NOR THEPTION (Nth) played against APAC national team XERXIA (XIA) on Day 3: Wednesday, July 13, and won with a map score of 2-1. It was the first time for the team to win an overseas tournament.

Nth Pick's 1st Map: In the split, the pistol round won, but after the 3rd round, it was blocked by the defense by XIA's solid cover line, and it turned back to 4-8. Nth, who turned to defense, showed momentum such as Meteor's beautiful Marshall 3 kill and caught up with the round score tie, but XIA showed responsiveness after the time-out and XIA won with a round score of 13-9.

The following XIA pick 2nd map: Haven. Nth, who started the attack, defeated the members of XIA one after another with the attitude of going to shoot with confidence, and turned back 8-4 like returning the debt. In defense, he not only took a solid pistol round, but also sneaked through XIA, which set up the second Dubai, and quickly gained match points with a big round difference of 12-5. Although there were scenes where XIA was surprised by repeated rounds, he took a good time-out and got Nth with a round score of 13-8. Anyway, it was a map with confident shooting like Nth.

Fateful 3rd map: Bind, betting on survival to this tournament. Nth shows a different composition from the previous DRX game, and BlackWiz adopts a double controller that picks Viper and Derialy picks Brimst1. In the bind, the see-saw game continued, and even after turning back 6-6, the development continued to not give up one step to each other from beginning to end, and it rushed into overtime. Nth wins with a round score of 15-13 and a map score of 2-1 while maintaining the politeness of stacking the number of sheets and abilities and the play that seems to be Nth who goes to get the area by packing tightly. I will advance the piece to the next game.

With this victory, XIA will be eliminated from the tournament, and Nth will advance to a playoff battle with FunPlus Phoenix at 24:00 on July 13th (00:00 on 14th). In this article, we will present a joint interview (press conference) with NOR THEPTION, which won the first victory in the world war.

ー ー I will visit the bail coach. You tweeted my mistake after the DRX match the other day, but what did that mean? **

Coach bail: There was a composition that the players wanted to do, but I thought I wasn't ready for it, so I played with a composition that strongly understood my opinion. As a result, I think the match didn't go well. In that sense, I felt it was my mistake.

ー ー I'm going to visit xnfri. In the official broadcast interview after the DRX match, it seemed very depressed, but how did you switch your mind and challenge? **

xnfri: I was frustrated and depressed when I lost the first match, but I feel sorry for the fans and teammates who are watching the distribution in Japan. So, today I decided to play with my best smile and high tension.

--How did you maintain your team stance toward the XIA match after the DRX match? **

BlackWiz: It's the same as the Grand Final of Saitama Super Arena, but I had the feeling that Let's enjoy it first. In order to win while having fun, I was conscious of taking on the challenge with a strong mentality.

---What kind of measures and secrets did you have from the defeat of the DRX game to the victory this time? **

Northeption Derialy: As a countermeasure, the analyst prepared the opponent's appearance, so I shared it. As an individual / team, in order to gain momentum, when I won the round, I think it was a good result to take a positive reaction with positive words such as Nice! And make it bigger.

ー ー What kind of change did you have when you switched from the 1st map to the 2nd map? **

Derialy: I wasn't satisfied with my play on the 1st map, including the first match, and I was depressed. Showing myself like that makes team members uneasy, so I feel that showing a positive and emotional part so as not to show it is one of the factors that switched.

ー Nth hasn't had much overtime in the past, but please tell us how you overcame the tension with the overtime on the 3rd map. **

BlackWiz: Even when I was overtime, I was conscious of not losing with my feelings.

ー 3rd map, what did you talk about in the time-out after getting match points in overtime? **

Coach bail: We were on the offensive side at the time, so we had the opportunity for the players to discuss what strategy they wanted to take. We listened to the opinions of JoXJo, Nth's IGL (in-game leader / command tower), and used it as a time to discuss what kind of playing we would like to do in conjunction with that strategy. Even if it was wrong, I was the coach, so I believed in the players and asked them to play the strategy they wanted to do.

---BlackWiz saw the first viper in this tournament on the 3rd map: Bind. How was it when you played it? **

BlackWiz: Actually, I wanted to put out a viper even in the bind, but for various reasons I couldn't put it out and used Fade. I was happy to be able to show off my favorite main agent at the world championships.

---How does the team NOR THEPTION want to win the Grand Final in the future? **

JoXJo: I think we are a team that grows with each match, rather than a complete team. I will do my best while thinking about the next round and the next game.

---The team has multiple nationalities, but how do you communicate smoothly?

JoXJo: In addition to asking Meteor what kind of play he wants to play and telling other Japanese players as an interpreter, IGL will think about what kind of play he wants to do depending on the situation. I still can't speak Japanese perfectly, so it's very helpful for Japanese players to read their thoughts even in simple Japanese.

From the DRX match, which was defeated by a large round difference, to the XIA match one day later, we succeeded in demonstrating the NOR THEPTION-ness with a firm switch and winning.

While having the joy of victory, NORTHEPTION goes on to fight for the playoffs with FunPlus Phoenix. If you win, you will advance to the playoffs, and if you lose, you will leave the tournament.

Let's continue to send generous cheers from Japan with #NthWIN!


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