Simpler than anticipated: this is just how you repair l2/r2

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To open a dual sensual controller, you require the following utensils:.

All the tools mentioned are included in many sets for great electronics, I made use of the adhering to box for several fixings: .

Chris as soon as fixed Playstation gaming consoles as a solution supplier. He constantly had respect for controllers since he just can not realistically assign the train and bar aspects to their designated locations. The repair of the trigger on the double senses went so rapidly that he is firmly encouraged that everybody ought to handle it.

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In order for the L2 as well as R2 keys to be under stress, they are pushed up by a spring. Nevertheless, the spring on the appropriate trigger particularly tends to leave their placement, because forces acting when making use of a flexible resistance. One example is the reduction in a shooter, designers like to provide a little resistance to the R2 button to replicate an actual deduction.

Chris Werian

Screwdriver set great technicians.

  • A slim lever with which you can manage the decorative panel of the dual sensense controller. You can take a plastic cards for this, yet you should additionally come beneath with the fingernails. Many screw collections for electronics additionally consist of appropriate plastic bars.
  • A screwdriver or a bit for cross-slot screws of the dimension ph00 .
  • A tweezers .

Note pertaining to the manufacturer's guarantee . You should speak to Sony straight if you can insist guarantee insurance claims. Here you will certainly get to the assistance. Our directions are largely targeted at individuals in which the 1 year guarantee of Sony has already run out! If the warranty has run out is most definitely less costly for you and a lot more tolerated for the atmosphere than a new purchase, a repair service.


The fear was entirely misguided! A l2-related L2 partnership R2 trick can be easily fixed within a couple of mins, the screw building is limited.

Because the warranty of my dual sensual controller has actually currently ended, I might not get in touch with Sony support to ask concerning repair work or exchange, but had to aid myself. However, I was always terrified of that, considering that several relocating little components are mounted in controllers. Take apart consoles? No worry! Lattice work drives me sweat on my forehead.

The plume of the triggers has actually wedged or resolved.

It can happen that the spring leaps out or wedged. For us, nonetheless, this is the most convenient to fix, given that no extra parts need to be gotten.

When I lately made up for God of War: Rising as part of PS Plus Premium, I might have peppered my dual-sensense controller against the wall surface. I constantly emptied Kratos' magic supply beyond battling because I just needed to stroke the R2 switch for a brief time to ensure that it sets off the mighty assaults.

Suppose the spring is damaged or bent or can no more be discovered?

YouUBei trigger buttons 10 items.

Substitute for a missing or defective spring is quickly found as well as luckily very affordable. On Amazon you will obtain a collection of substitute springtimes for less than 5 euros. I lugged out my fixing with this collection and also I am entirely pleased: .

4.99 EUR.


Action 1 2 3 4.

The inside of the controller is currently open: With the triggers, a little, silver feather needs to in fact rest.


To repair the spring once more, you have to follow the adhering to steps: .

  • Places the center of the spring over the small plastic bracket and also leads the appropriate arm under the trigger, where it ought to connect.
  • The pointer of the left arm of the feather currently get hold of the tweezers and bend it behind the tiny black tile below.

That was it already! If the spring lies in area, the L1 or R2 key has stress once again as well as works customarily.

Because the assurance of my dual sensual controller has currently expired, I can not speak to Sony assistance to inquire about repair or exchange, however had to offer a hand myself. I was always terrified of that, since numerous moving little parts are installed in controllers. * A slim lever with which you can draw off the attractive panel of the dual sensense controller. I lugged out my repair service with this collection and also I am completely satisfied: .

Close ## Controller again.

First, nevertheless, the dual sensual controller needs to be opened up. You proceed as adheres to: .

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All you have to do is reverse the actions that you have brought out at the opening as soon as you have repaired the spring. Press the rear of the housing back and also close the tabs on the jack connection of the DualSense controller. The housing on the four points screwed, push the shoulder buttons back right into its brace, this need to work with ease, as well as places the ornamental bar right into its placement. In the last step, make certain that you present the decorative panel on the touchpad appropriately, or else the thin plastic can break!

had not been that difficult, had not been it?

I needed for the whole procedure in about 10 minutes. Considering that I already had the best collection of tools in your home, I just incurred expenses for the substitute springs. A new dual sensual controller would have transformed 60 euros. Have you already had any type of issues with your dual-sensense controller or does it stay on par with it? .

The interior of the controller is now open: With the triggers, a little, silver feather should really rest. If you are missing, you can try to shake out the controller, yet you might have uncovered it in the real estate when taken apart. There is also the opportunity that she has wedged the trigger, then you have to free her from her predicament with the tweezers.


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