The Karume League '2022 KRPL Season 1' will be held on the 19th

Nexon announced on the 17th that it will hold the finals of the official e-sports league '2022 Shinhan Bank Hey Young KRPL Season 1' of the mobile game 'Kartrider Rush Plus'.

KT '2022 KRPL Season 1', which has been born in April and has created numerous scenes, will end up on the final campaign, which was the last fierce finals held at Gwangmyeong IVEX Studio on the 19th.

In the finals of the team, the game coach and Team GP, which are considered strong championship candidates, will face without any concessions. 'Game Coach', which won the first place in the quarter-finals with 'RUNMINGI', and 'Team GP', which shows 'JJONG (Han Jong-moon)', who is active as a speed ace with overwhelming skills. to be. In the individual game, eight players, including JJONG (Han Jong-moon) and Limit (Limlim), who have been ranked first and second in the round of 16, will challenge the championship cup.

Meanwhile, Nexon will hold various events for visitors to commemorate the final. All visitors who visited the site on the final day will be given the Karlple items 'Golden Paragon (7th)' and 'Black Beetle (7th)', and the audience will be selected as the BEST Cheerpool.

'2022 Shinhan Bank Hey Young KRPL Season 1' is broadcast live on Karumpple esports YouTube, Karume E-Sports Twitch, and Karume E-Sports African TV.


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