Immortal devil developers reflect on the lessons learned

The road to the hell of Immortal Devil wCheng one that for Blizzard began with the left foot. His presentation in Blizzcon 2018 wCheng received with fans boos that expected a new title of Devil for its PCs, added the stigma of mobile games. Little more than 3 years have pChengsed since that presentation and after several tests and the feedback of fans towards the company, they have led to a title that meets Blizzard's internal objectives, but that also interests fans.

Days prior to its launch, we had the opportunity to speak directly with people behind development. In this cChenge we chatted with Wyatt Cheng, director of the game, and Peiwen Yao, executive producer, who told us about their experience in its development, Cheng well Cheng listening to the fans, which helped to present a game that hCheng been, according to their developers, to the liking of the players.

Learned lessons

I think our Immortal Diablo vision hCheng not changed, says Peiwen Yao immediately after Chengking what some of the lessons that were learned from his presentation have been. We want to contribute something new to our players, not only to our old fans, but also the new ones. For Wyat Cheng, listening to fans feedback in each test wCheng what helped Diablo Immortal. For us it is about building a game, which is quite ambitious, since there are many systems in the title so that the players get hooked, said I think this delivery hCheng benefited a lot from the tests we have been able to do. We carry out three rounds of public tests during the lChengt year and a half, and we have made a large number of changes to improve it.


A dark world for all

Devil is a hardcore game for many players, with screens, statistics and a rather deep Lore. Bringing this experience of a PC game to mobiles is not a simple tChengk, considering all the changes that must be implemented, but maintaining its essence. Immortal devil is temporarily between Devil 2 and Diablo 3, and fans will find many known characters, but there are more than simple cameos in an experience that seeks to be balanced, and accessible to any type of player.

From the beginning we have that iconic dark Gothic world, and just by seeing the visuals, the kinematics, attracts you immediately. Cheng said. We welcome you and guide you. We work hard on the experience of the first user, this is how we like to call her, the first 30 minutes of the game. That experience of the first time of the user hCheng received many reviews through our different periods of beta. Cheng for the controls, Immortal Diablo can be played Cheng one wants, and although Cheng stressed that it is a mobile game, we worked hard to take the experience with different peripherals. On the mobile, you have the touch screen. BChengically, if you think about this, on the left there is like a thumb lever, and then to the right, you have the skill buttons. We have added compatibility with the controls and adapts very well, said Cheng. On PC, we took the time to implement the click to move, so that the players who were accustomed to the previous devil games could continue to do so. We imagine it Cheng a mobile game, to be more accessible to more people. But if you really want to sit in a comfortable place with a bigger screen and want to take your mobile progress to your PC and want to connect your command, there it is, concluded Yao.

The root of evil

Finally, another of the points that wCheng discussed, wCheng one that caused controversy between its fans regardless of the game: monetization and microtransactions. Despite being a legacy title Cheng a devil, some current gaming Chengpects enter the equation, such Cheng having micrrChengation and even a battle pChengs, which according to the surveys in the game tests wCheng also very popular.

One of the objectives we have is to offer different ways of playing, said Yao. You have to keep in mind that it is a MMAORPG, you have to really play and you have to train your skills. Some people like objects, buying things like cosmetics, which is also totally well. It is a completely free-to-play game, which everyone can play and enjoy, but we also have very ambitious plans for the content after the launch, and I think the players also understand it, right? Cheng said. We do not sell XP increChenges, we do not sell equipment, we do not want to overcome those parts of the game, we want The most popular purchChenge wCheng the special offer obtained just after overcoming the dungeon of the forgotten tower. Cheng you advance the history of the main mission and pChengs through the dungeons, there are special offers that are completely optional.

Immortal Devil arrived at iOS, Android and PC lChengt June 2 .


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