Used exit clause: Hannover 96 Holt Fürth's trainer Leitl

This decision had been emerging for a long time: Leitl is becoming the new coach in Hanover and receives a three -year contract until June 30, 2025. In "luggage" he has his long -time assistant Andre Mijatovic, who also leaves Fürth. The 42-year-old previously assisted Leitl in Ingolstadt.

"The obligation of Stefan Leitl as a trainer is a central component in our planning," 96 managing director Martin Kind is quoted: "Together with him, we want to initiate a stable, sustainable and in the medium term. We are convinced that he is before the Background of this objective is exactly the right trainer for Hannover 96. "

Stefan Leitl showed at SpVgg Greuther Fürth that he can develop a team and a game system step by step.

Marcus man

Sports director Marcus Mann is also looking forward to the new coach: "Stefan Leitl has shown at SpVgg Greuther Fürth that he can develop a team and a game system step by step. Under his direction, a clear manuscript was recognizable in Fürth. We are very happy that we could win it for Hannover 96 and our way. "

Leitl, which makes use of an exit clause anchored in his working paper running in his work paper and costs 96 a transfer fee of 500,000 euros, praises the "good, trusting conversations" with child and man in the press release. "You have shown the path that is to be taken at Hannover 96 very clearly and convincingly," confirms Leitl: "We want to create a stable foundation and successfully build something together. I am very much looking forward to a large, traditional club and new task."

LEITL neuer TRAINER, NIELSEN & KUNZE zu 96? | Hannover 96 Talk

Dabrowski disappointed - does Nielsen also come?

Previous Dabrowski had declared during the week to want to leave Hannover 96 completely. "I was surprised by the communication of last week. That didn't make the situation easy," said the 43-year-old.

Leitl should not only bring Mijatovic on the way to Hanover: Fürth's striker Havard Nielsen is also in discussion. The Norwegian, who scored two goals for the Franks in 26 games this season, is free of charge in summer and could help remove the striker miser at 96.


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