Ubuesque situation in court: the hearing opposing Quantic Dream and a former employee suspended in an unexpected manner

While on May 10, Quantic Dream communicated on the seven million copies of Detroit: Become Human sold, the n ° 2 of the studio, Guillaume de Foundaumière, had for his part come to represent the company at the Court of Appeal from Paris, for a new audience in the dispute between it to one of its former employees.

Yet another component of the case between the studio and former employees was played this Tuesday afternoon, more particularly the appeal procedure started against the judgment of November 21, 2019. This one condemned the company for the Exhibition of an employee to photomontages, but did not grant the reclassification of his resignation by taking an act in dismissal. We were already talking about it for a long time in the columns of Héloïse Linossier last October in this article summarizing all the procedures completed or underway in the photomontages case.

The Quest to Image Black Holes

Since the first body, the employee has received the support of the defender of rights, an independent administrative authority helping the victims of discrimination. The report rendered is unequivocal: not only can the employee claim the status of whistleblower, but he must also benefit from a zero dismissal with regard to the discrimination suffered during his exposure to photomontages. Even if the judge is not required to follow the conclusions of this independent authority, it is a precious argumentative asset which often tips the balance in his sense. However, Quantic Dream's strategy was clear: contesting the legal competence of the defender of rights in this case. Arguing his inability to seize the file according to his statutes, the studio lawyer made known to the judge his intention not to let the defender of rights present his observations.

An "atypical" file

From the start of the hearing on Tuesday, the judge called the affair of "dossier atypique", as Héloïse Linossier, journalist of _JV, reports on site. The continuation was just as much: after the pleading of the employee's lawyer, who returned to all the most shocking aspects of the case before a visibly surprised judge, it was to the representative of the defender of rights to speak. It was then, according to several people present at the hearing, that the normal procedure stopped.

"The said of Quantic Dream pleaded so that the representative of the Defender of Rights cannot himself take the floor" tells us Héloïse Linossier. The visibly irritated judge put an end to the debates and died of the case in the process, referring to a next hearing in college training for January 3, 2023. The lawyer mandated by the defender of rights then had this sentence : "You have deprived the defender of rights to present his observations". A first for her according to her words, which was reported by the employee in dispute with the developer.

While the verdict should have been made in June, this new dismissal still repels eight months the resolution of a case which paralyzes the life of the employee in question. He assures us that he cannot find a work in his sector in Paris, and expects only the end of the trial and the recognition by the justice of his launcher status for his retraining. He is not the only individual still concerned by justice, since the employee does not belong to the IT department that we mentioned in our previous article, and which had obtained the case on appeal on October 6, 2021, remains continued by Quantic Dream. The studio was indeed provided in a cassation to try in the last resort to overthrow the judgment of the court of appeal. A procedure which should, logically, take several years, at a time when the possible acquisition of Quantic Dream by Netease is the news.

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