Sample questionnaires shows what is now a lot of Germans

The first dates for the interviews are already in the mailboxes, now the "survey officers" are gradually being on the way with an official census ID. For the first time since 2011, people, buildings and apartments are counted again in this country - until August 7th.

More than 10 million randomly selected people in Germany are interviewed, among other things, about the name, gender and marital status and nationality. According to the authority, about three quarters of the people are also asked questions from an extended questionnaire. It is about graduation or profession.

APTITUDE TEST Questions and ANSWERS! (How To Pass a JOB Aptitude Test in 2021!) In addition, the approximately 300,000 residents of dormitories and shared accommodation are recorded via the respective facility management.

In addition, there are all 23 million owners or administrations of living space information about their apartments and residential buildings. For the first time, the net rent, duration and reason for a vacancy and the energy source of the heating are also queried in the census 2022. "We are responding to current data needs and providing an important data basis for future planning," said Stefan Dittrich, specialist project manager of the authority.

Info & Download: Zensus 2022 - Sample questionnaire for the census


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