Nintendo Direct announced: Tomorrow there will be a lot of new games and news from the Indie World

There was still the rumor today, now it is official: Nintendo has announced the upcoming Direct, in which the "small" games are again in focus during a livestream. (via Twitter)

* Date: 11. May

* time: 4:00 p.m.

This is shown: According to Nintendo, it will not be about the big exclusive games for the Nintendo Switch like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in a good 20 minutes, but in an indie world, as the name already reveals, about indie games for the hybrid console.

Here you can follow the livestream

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Link to the YouTube content

You are spoiled for choice: Either you follow the stream over the YouTube channel from Nintendo, have a look at Twitch or read out the summary of the event here on indie games after the event.

these games could be shown

Of course, we don't get the name Hollow Knight: throwing silks song into the room at the upcoming indie world - after all, you shouldn't break with traditions (or something...). The Metroidvania, which has been so long -awaited for three years, has disappeared in the sinking and at some point it has to crawl out of the beetle cave.

Another hot candidate would be the RPG Sports Story, whose intellectual predecessor Golf Story is one of the best indie games for the switch. Even if you can't do anything with lawn sports. It would also be possible that we learn more about the Mystery Adventure Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, which has also been announced for 2022.

You can take a look into the game here:

Which Indies could still be shown? Hot candidates would also be promising Indies like Sea of Stars , Aliisha or ** Loco Motif and should appear this year. It is possible that the release is close and we will see the games again tomorrow.

Which indie game do you want to see tomorrow and how sure are you that Silksong is shown?


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