Is there a character of a character in Steelrising?

Steelrising-a game developed by Spiders, a studio known for providing players with a wide range of settings for their characters. The co-founder and CEO of Steelrising Jeanne Rousseau, together with Screenrant, reported that the possibilities of setting Steelriding will be limited. In other words, Steelrising will have a setting but not as much as in other games about spiders.

What can I change in my character in Steelrising?

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In Steelrising, the player’s character was supposed to have a frame of the dancer, and the players should not have complete freedom in setting up his character. Accordingly, the player can only change his hair, his body material and some aspects of the face.

The material refers to the material from which your character is made. Players can change the material of the protagonist to elephant bone, copper or other strange and funny metals.

Is it possible to change weapons in Steelrising?

As for the gameplay, you can also choose weapons, and each weapon has many options in the game. One weapon is easier, and the other is heavier, which affects the speed of battle. The choice of weapons is already important, and as you pass, you can also configure weapons.

In addition, you can use alchemy to change the type of damage that you can apply with your weapons, adding various types of alchemical components. For example, if you encounter enemies endowed with ice alchemy, the use of fiery alchemy will probably be a good choice, but this is not always so obvious.

Can I change the gender of my character in Steelrising?

no , you cannot change the floor of your character in Steelrising. All players must take on the role of a female character. This decision was made intentionally, says Rosso.

Why can't I change the gender of my character in Steelrising?

Rujo did not explain why players could not choose their floor in Steelrising, because this is largely due to the plot. It may not be the cause of the type of spoiler, opened at the end of the game, or it can be explained at the beginning. In any case, you will find out why in the game.

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