How to build a castle heart in V Ringing

During the construction of bases in V Rising, you will need to place the heart of the castle as the foundation of your base. Placing the heart of the castle will allow you to declare the area on the map with your operational base. To build a caste heart, you will need 30 Essence of blood and a solid amount 240 stone .

You can get the essence of blood you need by killing animals and enemies-people in V Rising. To get the stone you need, you will need to get either ruins of the wall or stone nodes shown in the image below.

But to get a stone, you need mace . You can do a mace if you have not done this yet by switching to the “Creation” tab in your inventory. You can find the “Creat” tab by pressing the Tabulation button on your keyboard. After pressing the TAB, find the Crafting tab, as shown below.

Stone Castle Built by Local Man

Under tab “Creation” you can create a simple bone mace for30 bones *. Use the mace to get the stones necessary to create the heart of the castle.

Nevertheless, as soon as you collect enough stone and essence of blood, you are ready to start placing your heart of the castle . To place the heart of the castle, find the construction menu on the right side of the screen or just press the key in . By pressing the key B or clicking the icon of the hammer menu on the right side of the screen, you will open the assembly menu.

In the assembly menu you will have several options, but you do not need to pay attention to them yet. Just focus on the first tab where you can find Castle Heart as the first assembly option. Press the heart of the castle and find a suitable place to start your base, and then place it. After placing the heart of the castle, you can expand and build your base.

How to turn on the heart of the castle in V Ringing

To bring the castle’s heart into action, you must collect the essence of blood and place it inside. To get the essence of blood, you need to kill living beings such as wolves and human bandits.

The essence of blood will fall every time you kill a living creature, but only in small quantities. For this reason, we recommend that you farm gangster camps and other places to get a supply of blood essence for your heart of the castle. After receiving the essence of blood, place it in the heart of the castle, clicking on it and dragging the blood into the heart of the castle.

After you place the essence of blood in the heart of the castle, it must say that it is turned on and end in a few hours. If you want to extend the time, place more blood essence in the heart of the castle.

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