Announced ADV "M (tentative title)" that follows the serial murder case from the viewpoint of two murderers and two detectives -Completely new work of the "Fatamola Ghana House" team

Novect announced the new adventure project " m " and released a teaser trailer.

This work is a mystery and detective developed by the visual novel "The House in Fata Morgana", a "murderer and a detective," a reasoning adventure game that follows the continuous murder from two perspectives. The protagonist is a corpse treatment company. The aim is to solve the serial murder case in the modern Tokyo downtown area and Yoshiwara. More than 20 characters have appeared, following the mysteries of the story in the dark side world such as the back society in Japan. I will go. In addition, the title of this work has not yet been decided, and "M" is a tentative name for the project name.

The novel, which works on this work, is a circle centered on Kiika, a scenario writer and light novel writer, and changed its name from "Novectacle" to "Novect" in March 2022. At the time of "NOVECTACLE", "Fatamorgana no Museum" has been released on Steam/PS4/PS Vita/Nintendo Switch.

The project "M" will be released on PC (Steam)/PS4/Nintendo Switch. The official website has announced that it has entered the Bitsummit scheduled to be held in August 2022.


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