Wild closing phase at Chelsea: Pulisic meets for victory

After recently several games with several goals, FC Chelsea had to gradually watch that his Champions League rank had no danger. Through Manchester United's defeat at Arsenal, the guests of West Ham meanwhile had the chance to jump to the Red Devils rank six.

However, in the first section of Stamford Bridge Studford Bridge, but both teams convinced through the work against the ball. The breakpower went the blues - with Hvertz and Werner from the beginning - and hammer off, a grand chance did not exist before the break at all.

Christian Pulisic steals Chelsea winner against West Ham United | Premier League | NBC Sports

Several opportunities for Werner

After the pause, they hib the senses like over there. Soucek had a good chance for West Ham (56.), Chelsea was still much closer to the lead: Werner was still blocked in the penalty area (52.), Fabianski did not surprise himself from Kanté's graduation (57.).

The households stayed at it, even after Activity Yarmolenko had the last major opportunities for West Ham. Mendy parished (70th). But Werner did not want to succeed in the deserved 1: 0 two more times, once even artistically (70th, 74th).

The threesome seemed to have been lost when Jorginho disappeared in the 87th minute a foul feet (red due to emergency brake for Dawson) - a little later, Joker Pulisic banged (90.) and secured the third place in the blues.


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