LOL: There will be new Top Champion and it will be a complicated tank to play Shurima

Riot Games has just launched the expected League of Legends Champions Road Leaf of this April. After the departure of Renata Glasc, many we expected this document drafted by the production team of new characters from the Moba, since it usually gives us a lot of information about the projects in which the Californian study is immersed.

And, in addition to talking about the reworks of udyr , skarner and the surprise of aurelion sun , or the two new champions that are coming, as will be Bel'veth and "yasuo of water" **, there was time for an additional surprise. Because yes, the next champion to arrive after them will be a tank for the superior street.

Renata Glasc, The Chem-Baroness | Champion Theme - League of Legends

A complicated Toplaner to play

This is what Riot Games counts on the third new champion that has not yet been released: _ "Well, that's all for today, I hope you are as excited as I with the next champions updates. You will be attentive to another roadmap At the end of this year, in which I will talk about Nazumah's pride, a new high-rise upper lane tank from a Shurima region that has not yet been seen. "_

In the same way, we have the photo with which we have illustrated this news and that aims to be a place in the area of Nazumah , that new region of Shurima . As soon as he tells us, it will be a champion with a high difficulty, an interesting concept to be of a role traditionally reserved for simple champions, as is tank .

His appeal is not another that the pride of Nazumah , and will seek to play on top street. As for Nazumah, it looks like a surrounding region between Shurima E Ixtal , at least judging by vegetation and clothing. We will take a few months to play it, since before another two new champions will go.


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