Indie Game Content Mentee Recruitment

[Data provided: Korean Damage Association]

\ - 2022 Recruitment of training students in the PR Candle of Content window (mentee) '

\ - Indie Game Creator Development of the creative skills of youth talent and establish networking between business developers

Korea Content Promotion Agency and Day Entertainment announced that '2022 Content Changes in the 20022 Content window, and the Creative Students (Mentee) was recruited by the "2022 content window" for future promising game content producers.

As a co-operative institution of this project, the University of Sogang University, and the Korean Damage Association were newly participated, and the '2022 Content Creative Creative' is a field specialist in the field of content to foster prospects to lead the future content industry Mentoring is a program that supports mentoring of the mentoring of the creative skills of young talent and creating the creative skills and creation of jobs.

Indie Game Marketing with Zero Budget! A day entertainment 'Indie Game Developer's Positive Mentoring' business is a six-year-old, participating in Indie games for about six months, with a game industry expert (mentor), with a game industry expert (mentor), We supported mentoring and participated in personal project development and participation in various field projects and events to have a support project.

Anyone who has a preliminary creator with the type of creative and a preliminary creativity of 18 years of age and over 34 years old and a preliminary creator, and a single developer can be supported. There are 28 recruiters, and 14 of the current developers are active in the mentor. In addition to mentoring, the final selection mentee is paid for $ 1500,000 per month in addition to mentoring.

In the meantime, many Indie games were cultivated through the Creative Talented Business. As a representative, Pixelite's is the first Korean publishing, famous for the Indie Game Ijin Publisher, the first Korean publishing was carried out, and in 2020 Google Indie Game Festival Top10 Olive Crow , 2019 Steam Top Sales 1st in Case Games We also completed the development of the developer of Indie Game Development Indy Game.

Detailed business announcements and participation reception can be applied through Naver ' Dip cafe notice or poster QR code, and the application period is possible from today (18th) to 11 am to 11 am. Inquiries may be used by KakaoTalk Consultation Center .


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