Despite a long name: FCK wins Saar-Palatinate

Kaiserslautern's coach Marco Antwerp trusted the same eleven, which could also win the tight 2: 1 victory against Würzburg. The only innovation: The Etatter Captain Jean room was at least once again in the squad after three months of break. SaBridge Coach Uwe Koschinat changed his listing after the 0-0 against pursuer Mannheim on a position: Jänicke was first on the bench, for him was shy into the starting eleven.

After the impetus had delayed a few minutes due to a few minutes due to the lawn of pyrotechnics, an entertaining derby developed quickly, in which the FCC came particularly well from the starting blocks. Already after a few minutes, a surprise after a Saarbrücker ball loss Hanslik sent on the journey, which gave up in the penalty area strong against Zeller and only failed on the leg of FCS-Keeper Batz failed (6.).

Hanslik meets the penalty margin - Kraus flies off the square

Zeller was also at the center of the next scene of a wild first half: after the central defender had first rescued against Boyd at the last moment at the last moment against Boyd, he only made seconds of Marlon Knitter, who wanted to bring the ball again into the middle Foot - there was penalty for the red devil. Boyd joined, but awarded miserably. Batz reacted strongly and was also against the margin of the German-American. From the arm of the goalkeeper, however, the ball jumped in the direction of the gate, where Hanslik was already running and the ball could press the line (17.).

Following the hits, both teams were difficult for possibilities, crowning (38.) and knights (39.) came only from the distance to opportunities. Shortly before the break, however, the shock for the red devil came: After a wide throw away, shyly the ball passed his ball to Kraus who met the offensive player while trying to play the ball in the stomach. Referee Brand was at the center again and decided on smooth red, a decision that pulled discussions with him (45.). After the breaking whistle Antwerps in conversation with the referee gumped still a yellow card (45. + 4).

Boyd counters Joker Jänicke

Germany Takes Over Saar After Referendum - 1935 (1935) At half time, Koschinat then changed twice, including Jänicke for Becker - a change that should only pay a little later: Zeitz could flank without resistance that in the head still in the cabin FCK-defensive in the penalty area flank where the substitute Routinier in free-standing by head could nod and let the Bayenberg silent for a short time - 1: 1 (48.).

When it seemed then, as if the momentum had arrived on the part of the guests, the FCC seemed to be inspired by their own fans and got a second air. Only eight minutes after the compensation Raab Boyd sent the journey to the journey, the attacker continued strongly against the defender of the defender and cellner completely overwhelmed in this situation and finally tunneled even Batz. (56.). The Bayenberg raged again, while the weaving of the guests seemed broken.

Redondo brings the decision

In the aftermath of the renewed leadership, the game of the second half reflected that of the first. The FCK relocated the game in half of the FCS, which in turn only rarely ideas and with the pressing of the home owners had problems again and again problems. In the 65th minute, the substitute Redondo then initiated the decision itself: The 27-year-old Offensive man conquered the ball in the Saarbrück half, got the ball again after a double pass with Hercher in the penalty area and completed before the once again powerless bag without problems (65.).

In the final phase of the game, in the fan block of the FCS was still too unsightly scenes, the game had to be interrupted even because multiple rockets and lighting fighters out of the block flew in the direction of the playing field (72nd). Only after an admonishing conversation of the Saarbrück team with the fans could go on. The final final point then had again Redondo on the foot, which prevailed after a long ball against boobe and just just over the gate shot (90.).

In the end, the 3: 1 was for the 1st FC Kaiserslautern, who also stayed in the sixth game in a row without defeat and so back to the second place in the table. On the other hand, Saarbrücken must definitely say goodbye from the ascent race. Lautern is required next Friday at 19 o'clock in Wiesbaden, SaBrücken receives the SC Verl.


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