Com2us, 'Summer Nourn' Release 8th Anniversary Events "Gifts Infinitely!"

Summoners war - Churrasqueira de food's + 6* Evento Rainbowmon Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) announced on the 14th that Global Hitting 'Summer Nourners: Perforated Arena (Summer Nourners) of the Perforated Arena (hereinafter "Summer Nourners) will conduct a large-scale event.

Com2us is a series of audits for global fans and a series of long-term invitations for global fans, ahead of the 8th anniversary of the "Summer Nourners", which is the 8th anniversary of the 8th anniversary of the comes.

The event will be held until May 31, and you can enjoy the '8th anniversary coin'. The 8th anniversary coin can be collected through a variety of combat content play, based on the "Summer Nourners", and the new and return users, as of April 1, will pay the existing twice the coins at the time of attendance..

First of all, the 'Infinite Coin Store', which can exchange specific items without limitation of the number of times as '8th anniversary coin'. With the coin, you can obtain a total of four items such as mystery, a summoned book, an energy, and a six-star rating, and a total of four items such as a rating, and a total of four items such as a "re-launch 8th anniversary coin store". Depending on the cumulative number of the coin, several items such as the maximum 'monoconutical summary' are paid.

Born 5-sex monster can also be obtained through events. Depending on the number of cumulative 8th anniversary coin, it can be reputated for the Born of the Born of the Born of the Born of the Wind Properties, and you can choose one of them, and you can choose one of them and have your own monster. Every time you acquire a 500 coin, you can also summon the 4-sex monster.

New? Return? Events that invite begining and constructs a welcome gift composed of several items. Return to the coupon code that you present, return? The mystery summons are automatically paid to existing users who have passed the code whenever the beginning user acquires the monthly gift gift.

In addition, 'Summer Nourners' has been added to the '8th anniversary theme' new profile background and the '8th anniversary celebration magic skin', which includes a representative monster to commemorate the 8th anniversary of its release. The special gift for returning to the return, has also been changed to rewards on the existing 30 days and 7 days.

In addition, two new monsters were updated, such as the birth of the birth of the birth of the 5th Castle " The two monsters are added to the 'Combat Training Center' and will be able to preview them with mock combat.


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