Wow: Two new encrypted builds for patch 9.2.5 - PTR

Recently, two new encrypted builds for Patch 9.2.5 of Wow Shadowlands were loaded into the Content Delivery Network (CDN) content. Via the CDN, the developers of World of Warcraft exchange data for upcoming updates and tinker to the versions for the upcoming TESTREALM (PTR).

On March 10, 2022, "Wow Vendor 2" was loaded into the system for patch 9.2.5 build 42666. On March 12, the build number of 42666 was changed to 42712. Except for numerical codes for files like "buildconfig" or the version names "!" Although there are no accurate information in the encrypted files, it looks like when the developers work hardly on a PTR version for Patch 9.2.5.

We Could See Huge Updates Like Patch 9.2.5 PTR And WRATH Classic Very Soon! - WoW: Shadowlands 9.2

Patch 9.2 is the last major update for Shadowlands, but that does not mean that another intermediate patch can not be interesting. Patch 9.2.5 for Wow (Buy Now) Shadowlands brings for the first time * * cross-group instances in the game. With this feature, it will be possible for Horde and Alliance players to enter and play dungeons, RAIDs and PVP instances together.

In addition, the update should show us the epilogue of Shadowlands , which may already be appreciated on Patch 10.0. When do you think you will play patch 9.2.5 on the live server? Wait BLIZZARD with the announcement until the end of Desworld First Race, where we may see a special Kerkermeister-Cinematic after the mythical kill? Or is Blizzard waen until April when the special Blizzard event takes place? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

Source | Icy-Veins

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